Michael Jackson at Dodger Stadium - 1984

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Michael Jackson and baseball go together about as well as Rob Dibble and R&B music, but that doesn't mean the late King of Pop didn't have a connection to the national pastime. Therefore and hencewith, today's Classic TV bit is MJ performing "Billie Jean" on the opening night of his Victory Tour at Dodger Stadium back in December of 1984 in front of SCREAMING fans with huge hair.

Look! Andy Warhol! Kermit the Frog! Yoko Ono! Freakin' WEBSTER! Pedro Guerrero snorting lines backstage! Burt Hooton dancing with Bubbles the Chimp! It's a veritable who's who of the L.A. scene in the mid-1980s.

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Right after the show, Tito and Tommy Lasorda caught up over lardons sundaes.

What was it about the '80s and shirts being ripped off bodies?

freetzy: I assume Hulk Hogan started the trend.

1) HTML is hard.
2) I was just watching the full version of Black or White, and Michael Jackson ripped his shirt off in that too.

Lou Ferringo probably.

Remember that In Living Color parody "Am I Black or White?" And then at the end he gets arrested for smashing that car to pieces and goes, "Oh, I guess I really am black." I loved that show.

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