Rob Dibble and Rob Neyer Tangle Like Alley Cats

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In baseball analysis, the battle between former big league players and stathead geeks who never played the game has been waged for years. The Joe Morgan versus Moneyball, Dusty Baker versus base-clogging, and Steve Phillips versus sanity debates barely skim the surface. The latest tussle is between the godfather of ESPN baseball bloggery Rob Neyer and ex-irascible Reds reliever, ex-ESPN analyst, and current color commentator for the miserable Washington Nationals, wacky Rob Dibble.

After Dibble called out home plate umpire Tim Timmons for calling questionable strikes in Randy Johnson's 300th victory, Neyer took to his blog to investigate. From the unfortunately-named blog Rob Neyer's Sweet Spot (seriously, I don't want to know anything about the taste of various Rob Neyer spots), here's Neyer discussing Dibble's role as TV color man:

Really, I just wanted an excuse to write about Rob Dibble. For years, I was less than a fan of his work at various networks. So you can imagine my shock, when I realized that I sort of like him in his current role with the Nationals. Yes, he's still a blowhard who believes that if you didn't play the game, you don't know anything about it. But he's got a good voice, he's quite a bit smarter than you probably think, and he's not been pulling his punches while the Nationals have become the biggest joke in the game.

Dibble was wrong about the pitch that preserved Randy Johnson's 300th win. But he's doing more right than I would have guessed.

That sounds pretty complimentary, no? Sure, Neyer starts the post out by correcting Dibble's critique of the umpire's inflated strike zone, but he backs up his point with facts: a pitch at Adam Dunn's knees is a strike, after all and Neyer links to the Pitch F/X graphics to prove it. Technology 1, Rob Dibble 0.

But the caveman that is Rob Dibble cannot comprehend such nerd-speak and lashes out on his Twitter feed, even getting in a shot at Neyer's colleague (and worldwide gourmand) Keith Law:

Its funny to have college drop out Rob Neyer transcribe MASN broadcasts, Hey Rob, I've got a leaky roof, can you come over and fix it? lol

The fact that Neyer and Keith Law have HOF votes proves writers should no longer have the right to vote....

That's funny, if Dibble had actually read Neyer's blog entry, he would have seen the link to Bugs N Cranks that shows someone else besides Neyer transcribed the broadcast. Also, the last time Rob Neyer was on a roof, it was to shout out that Mark Teahen was a golden god before diving head-first into Billy Beane's hot tub.

The coward Dibble has since deleted his tweets but the RSS feed persists:


Once again, Rob Dibble has been trumped by technology.

(via Keith Law's Twitter)

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Rdibs49 is still mad he lost his star.

I don't get the leaky roof part. Is he trying to say all college drop outs are roofers? If that's the case, he really needs to work on his insults. I think Rob is doing just fine for himself.

I like Rob's commentary because those cats look like my cats, only my cats don't have white knuckles, but their breath does smell like cat food.

Dibble bragged about his collection of Affliction shirts on his afternoon XM show about a week or so ago. This is all you really need to know about the value of the opinion of Rob Dibble.

Rob Dibble is functionally retarded.

Rob Dibble is brighter than any college dropout! That's because he was smart enough not to even START college. Rob Dibble will not play your societal games!

Perhaps his roof is leaking because it's made of glass and he's been chucking stones through it.

Oh wait, Wikipedia has lied to me. Baseball Almanac says he played one year at noted Ivy League institution Florida Southern College.

One year, eh? For a major league player? Did the coach hate him or did he... drop out?

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