Sammy Sosa To Retire; Iracane And Liakos To Start Baseball Blog

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This didn't happen already? Oh well, now's as good a time as any. Sammy Sosa is retiring! Say it aint so. I thought he was just biding his time over the past two years waiting for the perfect opportunity to come back and hit 60 HRs.

Once the shock wears off, and you finally come to grips with the sad fact that your favorite team won't be signing Slammin' Sammy, your thoughts will probably turn to the Hall of Fame. Specifically whether or not Sosa will be part of the class of 2014. The way things are right now, the answer seems pretty obvious, and is well stated by our friend Duk at Big League Stew.

With 609 career home runs and three 60+ seasons Sosa indeed has the numbers for an induction bid. He's never been directly linked to PED use, though the robo-physique he sported in the late '90s/early '00s has always fueled plenty of doubt and suspicion. Oh, and there was that corked bat that he "accidentally" picked up in 2003.

Still, I can't see Sosa being voted into the Hall of Fame while Mark McGwire, who's been rejected by Hall voters three times already, sits in exile. Either both eventually get in or they don't, the Hall's doors remaining about as accessible as Big Mac and Sammy were in front of Congress back in 2005.

But that's the feeling now. In some ways, delaying his retirement by two years may actually help his chances for the hall. As more and more sluggers of his generation are implicated or outright caught using steroids, won't a notion of relativity have to set in? If, five years, from now we've learned that a huge majority of players were using to some degree, the fact that Sosa/McGwire et al, excelled above and beyond their peers holds more weight. McGwire has had to face the voters while PED use is still a scarlet letter. At the rate we're learning about baseball's drug issues, the landscape could look very different when Sammy lands on the ballot.

He might not know how to speak English in certain situations but maybe he's not as dumb as we think.

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Counterpoint: Sammy Sosa is as dumb as we think because he actually thought someone would sign him at some point over the last two years.

Let's name the new site The Clockless Game and every month we'll do a Royals Rap Up in rap form.

The Combudsman and CTC? A Yankees fan and a Red Sox fan? I give it three weeks before they kill each other.

Sosa's eligibility clock doesn't start now - it started when he last played for a Major League team, which was Texas in 2007. Rickey Henderson never really declared retirement, as far as I recall. He still thinks he can play. But he's going into the Hall because he last played in 2003, when he kinda stunk for the Dodgers.

Sosa's first year of eligibility will be in 2012.

Duly noted. Thanks man.

you betcha