School's Out Forever: Wednesday Afternoon Baseball Returns! (Next Week)

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Good news, everyone! The drought of afternoon baseball on Wednesday afternoons is just about ready to end. With schools letting out for summer vacay, the ad wizards in the MLB scheduling department wised up and decided to bring day games back to hump day, thus filling baseball parks across this great land with thousands of screaming sweaty schoolchildren.

So starting next week, there will be at least one baseball game each afternoon before 5PM on every single Wednesday until September 30th, save for the Wednesday after the All Star Game (OBAMA!) break. Next week alone will bring seven contests to choose from, a veritable garden of gilded leather delights.

That means that tomorrow's Thursday Afternoon Liveglog Club (at 2PM EDT, Twins/Brewers as presented by lovely lady Sooze) just might be the final time this year you'll get a glog not in its normal Wednesday timeslot. Enjoy it.

It's quite a relief we're getting the Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club back together. Our liveglog blazers were beginning to get a bit musty in storage.

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Thanks for reminding me to drop off my liveglog blazer at the dry cleaners after work today.

Next year, I invest in better mothballs.

Dear Wednesday afternoon baseball,

How was Argentina? Why are you starting your press conference about the Appalachian Trail?


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