Series Of The Midweek: Yankees at Red Sox

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So the Sox have won five in a row against the Yankees thus far this year. But it isn't just media hype that "this is a different Yankee team" this time around. Teixeira hadn't had his A-Rod bounce in any of the previous five games. The Sabathia/Burnett monster is starting to rub the sleep and money out of its eyes and in a more ephemeral sense there is definitely a feeling of "momentum" in this Yankees team. Here are your pitching matchups.

  • Tonight: Burnett vs. Beckett
  • Tomorrow: WANG vs. Wakefield
  • Thursday: Sabathia vs. Penny

If Rob and I had a better sense of "the moment" we would have pitted Beckett vs. Burnett in our second friendly wager. They have history, they're more similar as pitchers and they're way more intense. Also, I wouldn't be losing.

The Yankees will definitely score 15 runs off of Wakefield tomorrow night. Luckily Wang is nowhere near out of the woods yet. It would have been fun to see him face off against Matsuzaka. Thursday is a long way away and I'll be at Bonnaroo.

There is no such thing as a critical series in June. Especially in the AL East. But you have to be looking forward to this one only because the Yankees won't have any pussy excuses. GO TEAM WITH THE FOURTH HIGHEST PAYROLL.

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I'm hoping Spike TV does an episode of Deadliest Warrior where they pit Yankee fan versus Red Sox fan.

Common Liakos, get off the Wake bash - it's Penny on Thursday that will lose the broom

Thursday is a long way away and I'll be at Bonnaroo.

Yep. Fuck 'em.

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