The Best Way To Get Pittsburghers To Show Up At PNC Park...

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penguinspirates.jpg to drag out a bunch of hockey players and dress 'em up like baseballers. Allegedly the Pittsburgh Penguins did something amazing by winning Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals on the road in Detroit and now the entire city of Pittsburgh is absolutely agog. Agog enough to buy 5,000 walk-up tickets at yesterday's Pirates-Tigers affair and increase attendance by 25% just because the winning hockey team would be there with a big silver cup.

With the Lakers putting the Magic out of their misery last night in the NBA Finals, we can finally put these silly goal-oriented games to rest for a few months and turn our full attention back to a turn-based, clockless game that doesn't require ice or inflatable balls.

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The Best Way To Get Pittsburghers To Show Up At PNC Park...have the Steelers play a regular season game there.

The Penguins might want to keep that thing out of the locker room. They turn their heads for two seconds, and the Pirates will put a huge candle in it and engrave Nate McLouth's name on the side.

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