The Changing Light: Today's Afternoon Games

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Two games on the afternoon docket today but no liveglog. Let's get right into it. No time for sorries.

  • White Sox at Cubs, 2:20PM EDT: Two middle-of-the-road, middle-of-the-country teams get together for an middle-of-the-afternoon affair in the middle of the week in the middle of the season. Middling starters Ryan Dempster and John Danks hope to find the corners and avoid the middle of the strike zone lest opposing batters pop one into the middle of the ivy. Note: Reed Johnson's at-bat music used to be "The Middle". Note: that's a middling lie.

  • Angels at Giants, 3:45PM EDT: Tim Lincecum (6-1) and Matt Palmer (6-0) get together for the unlosingest pitching matchup of the day. The Giants seek to avoid the sweep in their first series since we talked about their playoff chances on the podcast. Whoops! Sorry, Bruce Bochy. Palmer had a cup of coffee with the Giants last year which means he still has rookie eligibility this year; he's the first thirty-something rookie in history to win his first six decisions, giving hope to old farts everywhere.

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Micah Hoffpauir's intro music.

It just takes some time, Reed you're in the (lower) middle of the lineup. Everything everything will be alright.

If Kris gets to do it, then I get to as well: "That's Missouri State Bear Matt Palmer."

Which one of these guys is Matt Palmer?

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