This Guy Totally Lit a Candle For Nate McLouth

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After chiding the Pittsburgh Pirates ownership for trading Nate McLouth through song, this troubadour segued into a special Nate McLouth cover version of "Candle in the Wind":

"Goodbye, Nate McLouth, though I never knew you at all, you had the gold glove undeserved, but you sure could smack that ball..." Seriously though, is 'jagoff' a regional colloquialism specific to Western Pennsylvania?

(via Dejan Kovacevic's morning links which are just like Jimmy Dean's morning links except with less sodium)

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I'm sure things will go well for this guy, like they did for the guys that sang about Mark Teixeira

Jagoff is definitely a Pittsburgh-specific phrase similar to "douchebag." I'm glad I could add to this conversation.

This video is why nobody cares about bass players.

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