Thursday Afternoon Liveglog Club: Red Sox at Tigers

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1965 Chevy Malibu SS Convertible.jpg

Hey, kids. That there is a 1965 Chevy Malibu SS, one of the prettiest cars ol' GM ever made. Had some guts too. It's been a sad week up there in Detroit as the company's bankruptcy went official. With the Sox in town, and on the verge of a sweep, I figured having that at the top of the page every time you refresh will remind some of our Walkoff Walk Michiganders of better days.

As for me, I'm coming to you live from the White Horse Tavern in Allston. This isn't normally a place I frequent. Once the sun goes down it fills up with a bunch of BU steakheads that would probably be really into Ryan Braun's new clothing line. But for now it's fairly empty, the windows are open on a beautiful day, and the High Life is cold. Let's watch some baseball after the jump, aight?


1:00: Since I'm really awful at doing html columns, here's a link to your lineups. And speaking of lineups I can't tell you how much I'm digging this new Sox one. More at-bats for Florida State Seminole JD Drew? Yes, please. Moving Ellsbury, who I've grown to like a lot more this year, down until he gets better at taking pitches? Brilliant.

1:03: And this all goes back to the podcats (meow) discussion that Drew and I had with Jonah Keri a couple weeks back. There's tinkering with a lineup just to remind people you're there, and then there's changing it to play to the strength of your team. I think this is definitely the latter by Baldy a manager whose in game decisions I've never been huge on.

1:06: First pitch is a strike from Dontrelle Willis. He must be feeling mellow today.

1:08: Pedroia grounds out to short. There was a pause after Orsillo mentioned Willis' anxiety disorder and I expected color man Dennis Eckersley (who's pretty damned good) to use some of his hipster baseball slang and say "He just needs to chill out, Daddio."

1:10: FSSJD Drew whiffs on a pretty changeup from Willis. Youkilis grounds out to end the inning and the Red Sox abandon one of the main rules of good baseball: Get to the guy with the mental disorder early.

1:13: Wakefield is on the hill for the red sox and Clete Thomas flies out to center. Hey everyone don't forget that Drew is glogging the Blue Jays over at his house and they're already losing 3-0. What a black cat that dude is. Ramon Santiago flies out. 2 down.

1:16: 3 down. I guess Willis and Wakefield don't want me having too much High Life today. Rob sent me this the other day and it's still haunting me:

1:19: Willis gets another K, striking out Bay on a breaking ball in the dirt. Heidi Watney is talking about Willis' season thus far and I will believe anything she tells me. Sigh.

1:21: Lowell gets on base with a walk, and is promptly erased by a Rocco Baldelli 6-4-3. Looks like everything Drew touches today will turn to crap.

1:23: Opening up the White Horse menu. Nothing blowing me away here, I'll narrow it down to a couple choices then take suggestions in the comments. Miguel Cabrera will lead off the bottom of the second. I bet he'd know what to get for lunch. FAT JOKE.

1:25: Cabrera and Granderson both line singles into right. It used to be that everytime I'd go to a Sox game Wakefield would be pitching and I'd hate it. That doesn't happen so much anymore, but of course he has to pitch on the day I glog. Whoops! Cabrera tweaks a hammy running to second... and... will... stay in the game.

1:28: Brandon Inge rips a double triple into the corner. Cabrera baaaaarely gets to home without Granderson passing him. That hamstring is f'd, y'all. Trick Daddy Orsillo says he'll have to "take it to the house." 2-0 Tiggers

1:30: Swinging bunt by Adam Everett scores Inge. 3-0 Tiggers. GET SOMEBODY WARMING UP, BALDY.

1:32: Wakefield K's something called Dane Sardinha and it's the end of an eventful second. These High Lives are going straight to my head. I need food. I'm thinking Teriyaki Turkey Tips, Chicken Cobb Salad Wrap, or Steak Tip Sub. Thoughts?

1:34: You know what I like about when Sooze, Tuffy or Suss blog? They create things that are visually stimulating. I just make you read about sandwiches. Willis hits Ellsbury. PUMP UP THAT OBP BABY.

1:37: 3-1 count to the decidedly not visually stimulating Julio Lugo. He walks and all of a sudden Willis has put two guys on and still hasn't given up a hit. WIllis jumps up and down on the mound after the ball call. You know, I love the Sox and want them to win, but I also don't wanna watch this guy implode today. That would be sad. Fellow swarthy Greek, George Kottaras comes to the plate.

1:40: Kottaras strikes out and it's not fun to watch that guy struggle in limited action. He raked at Pawtucket last year. Willis can't buy a strike against Pedroia now. 3-0. Nope, walk on for pitches. Bases are loaded. Eckersley sounds as flabbergasted as everyone else in America that the Tigers are paying Willis $10M. I bet you $50 Drew takes the first 3 pitches no matter what.

1:44: Aaaaand Willis walks Drew. That'll bring in a run. Eck has said "this is hard to watch" about 8 times in the last 3 minutes. 3-1 Tiggers

1:46: Willis walks Youkilis and Jesus, that's the end of Willis. He leaves to a smattering of boos and you have to think that every time this happens it gets harder and harder for him to bounce back. Not fun. 3-2 Tiggers.

1:48: Oh, Leyland. You make it so hard to continue disliking you. He jaws at the umpire about squeezing Willis while out on the mound and gets tossed. I dig that. Maybe I'll stop ragging on him. Maybe. Probably not. Zach Miner in the game.

1:50: Jason Bay is up and to recap, you got your bases loaded and 1 out. He's going to line a double into right and there's the end of that lead. 4-3 Red Sox.

1:52: Lowell is up. This isn't a particularly pretty GM car but it was my first car and died with 265,000 miles on it. I'll always have a soft spot for the 1987 Pontiac Grand Am.


1:54: Lowell grounds out but drives in another run. 5-3 Red Sox.

1:55: Rocco! drives in Bay with a single. It's 6-3 Red Sox and I'm definitely ordering the steak tip sub. Medium. Mushrooms, onions and american cheese.

1:58: Miner strikes out Ellsbury. EO Inning. The guy that does the voiceovers for Home Depot now sounds like a young Kris Kristofferson. I know it's not, but it's still rad when anyone even kind of sounds like him. As long as Kristofferson is alive I'll only be the second coolest Kris on the entire planet.

2:01: Clete Thomas grounds out to Pedroia. Santiago grounds out to Pedroia. Ordonez bloops one over Pedroia's head, which isn't hard to do. SHORT JOKE.

2:03: Jeff Larish in because he has two good hamstrings drives one to the gap but Ellsbury catches up with it. EO inning. I have to piss but I don't wanna leave my computer just sitting here next to an open window. Phillas, what should I do?

2:04: Lugo is gonna lead off the fourth. The more I think about it, the more I think that tantrum by Leyland was brilliant. There were maybe two pitches that Willis got squeezed on. He was off by a lot on most. But Leyland acting like that and making D-Train think that maybe he did get a raw deal and set him up with at least a little more confidence for his next start. That's the work of a true managerial mind. I'm officially gonan turn the corner on that smelly old grouch. I'm pro Leyland. Lugo out on a diving play by Inge.

2:07: I missed what Pedroia did but he's on first.

2:11: Drew works a full count which happens so much they oughta name the 3-2 pitch after him. He walks. Have I mentioned how underappreciated he is as a baseball player? Go Noles.

2:13: So Kotsay is in for Youkilis with absolutely no mention of why by Orsillo or Eck. Double You Tee Eff? Are they playing matchups with a guy hitting .362? Kotsay flies out. End of inning.

2:17: Wakefield K's some dude as I emerge from the Men's room. WHY IS KOTSAY IN THE GAME? Nother swinging bunt. This time from Inge. Eck says "he hit it like he threw it." Love that guy.

2:19: Inge gets a great jump, like everyone does on Wakefield, but Kottaras pops up quick and guns him out. Sweet move, George. Yiasou! Tikanis? Wakefield strikes out Rayburn to ET inning.

2:22: Eating whilst glogging sucks. Sandwich is good though. Tips cooked perfectly. Bay flies out.

2:23: Lowell singles. Man this sandwich is good. Some guy is doing tricks on his wheelchair about a foot from me. Rocco DPs to ET inning for the second time today. Blech. Commercial break = sandwich time.

2:27: Adam Everett grounds out to short. In a sad commentary on the industrial economy Orsillo notes that the biggest crowd of the series is there today. For a day game. Sad face. Sardinha singles then Cletey grounds to Petey who doubles things up for EO inning.

2:32: Ellsbury flies out on a nice play by Everett to start the 6th. Here's a picture of Heidi Watney:


Lugo strikes out.

2:35: Pedroia flies out. EO inning. Via the Extra Bases blog on "Youkilis was removed from the game due to a tight right calf. He was removed for precautionary reasons. Youkilis left Wednesday night's game after he was kicked in the leg by Josh Anderson as Anderson was crossing first base."

2:39: Ramon Santiago singles to lead off bottom 6. Tilde flies out.

2:40: Larish hits a bomb to left. Called foul. VIDEO REVIEW. So here's a video of Romance In Durango from the Rolling Thunder Revue:

2:44: Still foul. That tour ruled.

2:48: The Yankees game is on TV here as well. It's 5-5. I just saw Rob standing in line for some fancy ass foodstuff and paying no attention the game. His dad was shaking his head. Back in Deetroyt. Pedroia flies out.

2:51: Zach Miner's hurt. Another break calls for another beverage. I wave for the waiter. Hipsters stroll past the window. I have steak grease on my chin.

2:55: As Mark Kotsay walks to the plate I eat a mushroom off of the table that fell out of my sandwich over 15 minutes ago. Remember ladies, that's the White Horse Tavern in Allston. But hurry, I'm only here for a little longer. Kotsay flies out.

2:57: Bay flies out. EO top 7. That makes it the streeeeeetch. So I give you a blast from the early AM ESPN past. It's Denise Austin showing everybody her taint. Please to enjoy!

3:00: Granderson flies out. Inge flies out. 1967 Pontiac GTO:

1967 pontiac gto-725540.jpg

3:02: Double for Rayburn, somewhat surprisingly Tito pulls Wake. I don't understand anything having to do with Wakefield at all. Never have. Since I was 12.

3:06: Masterson ends inning with strikeout. Brighton Ave., mere feet from my window is starting to get busier with foot and car traffic. Buses, car stereos etc. Should be a nice Thursday night. Summer in the city and such. JOEL ZUMAYA'S BEARD SUCKS.

3:08: Zumaya hits 100 on the gun. Eck calls that "hair." He should know. Mike Lowell gets a broken bat single and then they cut to him wearing a dangerously Ed Hardyish/Ryan Braunish shirt in an interview... c'mon Mike, you're cooler than that. Hi Heidi.

3:12: Baldelli walks. Some dude at the bar has one of those stupid Ed Hardy/Ryan Braun/Mike Lowell shirts on and a pair of Oakley's resting on his forehead. His girlfriend must be blind and deaf. Or go to BU. ZING. I want this game to be over soon.

3:!7: Some bloopy flukey error thing and the bases are loaded for Kottaras. Christos Anesti!

3:!9: Zorba strikes out on 101 MPH fastball. God must keep injuring Zumaya cause he hates the Tigers. A few healthy years under this guy's belt would have made him a folk hero. Pedroia grounds out. EO top 7.


3:27: Okajima in for Masterson, who was pitching well. Francona just uses guys in the pen cause he feels like it. Oki strikes out Clete.

3:29: Apricot of nothing, if you all aren't reading our friend Matt Sussman's new blog, The Layoff Beard then you're missing out, mang.

3:31: Grounder back to Oki. END IS NIGH THANK JESUS. Bob from Bob's Furniture just told me in a commercial that "If I give you what you want, you will come." I guess I've done worse.


3:37: Fernando Rodney comes in. Walks Drew. This is really a first place team here? AL CENTRAL FANS HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS?

3:39: Kotsay flies out. Where the hell are all of you today? WHAT YOU ONLY TALK TO SOOZE NOW? I HOPE YOU ALL GET CARBON MONOXIDE THINGIE.

3:41: I MADE YOU.

3:42: Jason Bay strikes out.


3:44: Some old lady just walked by in a referee uniform.

3:45: Lowell pops out to the catcher to end the top 9. Here we go to the final frame.


3:47: Papelbon is in. He threw a lot of pitches last night in the 9th. Still not sure why Francona used him at all. Aaaand he walks that dude. Granderson up.

3:51: Pedroia makes a diving play behind the base. They only get one but whatshisface woulda made it to third base. Nice stab. Papelbon hasn't had a smooth inning since 1880.


3:54: Brandon Inge single. 1969 Chevy Nova:


#:56: Rayburn flies out. 2 down.

4:00: Ground out to Lugo. Red Sox sweep Tigers. You all make me sick.

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This will not end well.

It was Eckersly who this last weekend said Brett Gardner looked "hitterish."

All your mom's wanted to bang The Eck back in the day.

That includes your mom too farts

WOOO BInge!!

You should have said "Cabrera eats a hammy running to second."

My mom would still bang him.

My mom is asking if Miggy will share that ham.

Any other PILFs on your momma's list, F-hammer?

Remember when I traded for Inge, and Wahoo's partner called me an idiot?

Kent Tekulve is the true PILF.

Def steak Tip sub. Soak up the High Life and keep the fingers tappin'.

I'd bet anything that I'm the only one who's boss just requested that I order him a Star Trek Captain's T-Shirt off the back of a Cheez-It box.

Does the White Horse have Shawarma? no? yankee stadium has it and it's spectacular.

What part of the turkey is the "tip?"

Duhh Colonel... Pico de Gallo

Aw Jesus, its that Dontrelle today.


I think you can only get a turkey tip from a male turkey

Liakos, if your team would just do me a favor and just go ahead and leave town nowish...

@2:07 - Looks like the fifth inning came a little early in this liveglog, eh Mr. Liakos?

5 earned runs on 0 hits. That pitching line would really depress me.

Youkilis left Wednesday night's game after he was kicked in the leg by Josh Anderson
This just in, Josh Anderson is a horse.

Walkoff Walk: Where Steak Tips and Wheelchair Tricks Happen


I definitely do not want to see Body by Jake's taint.

Wang gave up five runs in four and two thirds but lowered his ERA. WHAT A COUNTRY!

No one cares about your jamooky team.

Wake is only meant to be experienced.

NO RUNS off bloated no out 7th
take a shot of Turkey for me Kris

Pirates just completed a three game series sweep of the Mets. Gentlemen of the New York media, start your panic buttons.

Go Tigers!

Daddy, what's a Carbon Monoxide Thingie?

Just kidding. That would be against my religion. I've cracked my first Peebrr of the day and am simultaneously watching the Sox rock the Tigers while listening to the Twins rock the Tribe. The takeover of the ALC begins today!

Can't I eat my sammich in peace?!

All this yelling is making me feel like Dontrelle Willis

whoa! Wild Turkey makes daddy angry!

Aahh, breaking Entertainment Industry Rule Number One. That's our Kris! *canned laughter*

Who knew the first comment here would be so prescient?

It's a final - Twins pounded the everloving snot out of the Indians. KUBEL SMASH!

Dammit, I hate when work gets in the way of a liveglog. Carry on...

No love for the 1970 Dodge Challenger?

The good guys win! Weeeeeeeee!

I was hoping for a pic of my first car: 1972 Chevy Vega. Hot.


Who knew Liakos was a mean drunk?

My first car: 1993 Buick Skylark. Teal. Babe Magnet.

Thanks for the High-Life-fueled glog, Kris. Have a nice day! ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

My first car: 1993 Dodge Caravan. Bird Poop Magnet.

My first whip was a 1988 Honda Prelude. You feel me?

Ed said
"Who knew Liakos was a mean drunk?"
His whole family and his last 5 girl friends

Who knew Liakos was a mean drunk?
and the staff at Johnny D's Uptown...