Tom Glavine Is Cranky, Old, Litigious

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Hey, remember the glory days of the 1990s Braves? Remember Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Tom Glavine giving the opposition the old one-two-three punch on the rubber? Well with G.M. Frank "Birdman" Wren's sudden release of a rehabbing Glavine, those days are certainly over. Glavine's pissed, and he's thinking about how he can get back that tidy $1 million bonus he would have earned had he made the Braves roster. Hey, someone's gotta pay for the Flomax prescription:

Pitcher Tom Glavine is considering filing a grievance against the Atlanta Braves over his release Wednesday, as originally reported on FOX Saturday Baseball.

Glavine's agent, Gregg Clifton, has spoken with a labor attorney and the players' union about possibly filing the grievance, according to a major-league source.

Players cannot be released by their teams due to financial reasons, according to the collective-bargaining agreement. Glavine was set to receive a $1 million bonus once he made the major-league roster, another $1.25 million for 30 days on the roster and another $1.25 million for 90 days on the roster.

Glavine believes that by releasing him, the Braves freed up some cash to pay for newly acquired outfielder Nate McLouth, who was owed a bit over $1 million in prorated salary. Wren counters by saying that the team felt that going with young chap Tommy Hanson in the ML rotation was a sounder strategy.

Even Smoltz, currently working his way towards the Red Sox rotation, ripped the Braves for telling Glavine to hit the bricks.

"That's not how you treat people," Smoltz said after Boston's 10-5 victory over Detroit on Wednesday. "He didn't have a chance to fail at that level. ... That's not how you go about it. But they're in control. They make those decisions. They've made a lot of them lately."

No chance to fail at that level? Did you have a chance to glance at Tommy's stats from 2007 and 2008? It doesn't bode well for a 43-year-old coming off elbow and shoulder surgery. Still, this grievance is not about performance, it's about the money.

But whether or not Glavine and his agent can find a paper trail linking the funds in Wren's balance sheet, the chances of him winning a grievance are slim to nil. As a pinko liberal, I usually side with the worker over the corporation, but in this case, Wren has the upper hand. The Braves don't have to prove that their strategy of going with a younger pitcher was the best strategy. They're big boys. They can succeed or fail with whomever they want. How else would you explain Jeff Francouer?

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It's a bad economy, Tom. Everybody's gotta pitch in.

Hey John and Tom, the 90s were great, I loved what you guys did, but 1999 was 10 years ago. So kindly, shut the fuck up.

How about that $6M Atlanta paid you last year for a few awful starts. And that cool million that you made for rehabbing and getting ready. And now any team can sign you, and if you can pitch like you think, one will.

Yes, it was a shitty way to announce it and Schuerholtz and Wren publicly apologized, which you never see.

Smotlzie and Glavine should take a look back at last year when Atlanta put their hopes on two 40 year old guys in the rotatation. Their worst record since 1990. Y'all are another year older.

Call up Brett Favre and start a spades game or something.

Also, Maddux was always my favorite.


they'd just end up televising the Spades tourney with John, Tom, Brett, and some NASCAR dude living in the same house
no good would come of it

This Week's Bid That May Interest Only Me by Peter King

This doesn't explain why Kerry Ligtenberg is closing out games.

That's because you're watching a St Paul Saints game, Colonel.

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