Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, you don't have to be quiet at my place.

That day done got done. No glog tomorrow, but I'll be doing one for you on Thursday so dryclean your blazer accordingly. Same WoW Channel. You too, Braves Hat Dale.

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miss u Dale.
Glad you aren't alive to see how shitty of a driver your son is.

Ugh. The last time I got my Liveglog blazer back from the dry cleaner they had lost one of the sleeve buttons. Do you know how hard those are to replace, Crystal? THEY'RE ONLY SOLD AS A SET. Stop crying.

Looks like I picked the right night to go to a game.
Schafer sent to the minors and Blanco called up.

What's Bob Brenly doing wearing a Braves cap?

Anyone know where i can find some CRACKERS in Yankee Stadium?

Jamook Crisps, the official cracker of New Yankee Stadium.

Posada just committed a RIVERA.

I'd look between first and third base, Rob, lower bowl.

@Rob, can't help you there but they are easy to find at Fenway

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