Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, the Canterbury Tales will shoot to the top of the best seller list.

  • ANY chance with the seasons they're having that Hamels/Kershaw will actually be a pitchers' duel?

  • WILL Big Z be sedated for his start against Atlanta?

  • WHY did David Carradine feel the need to leave us? I can't really claim to be a Kung Fu fan, but he worked with Ashby and Tarantino in two films that I love. Dude had chops. Sad stuff.

  • WILL Chris Carpenter pitch a perfect game or get paralyzed against the Reds?

/Thursday. Tomorrow is Creampuff and all your other Friday Faves. It'll be good. Then again, what isn't good on a Friday? See you then, dudes and dames. Same WoW channel.

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Someone poke Dmac with a stick. We need some more Cinema Varitek.

WILL Big Z be sedated for his start against Atlanta?

Looks like rain delays at some point. That will probably just make him madder.

And McClouth is hitting 3rd with Chipper 4th

Every single one of you needs to go rent "Circle of Iron" as soon as possible. A genius Carradine performance.

I will watch Kill Bill any and every time I come across it on the tv. Love, love, love that/those movie/movies.

To you NYC folk, check out Zero Otto Nove for Salerno-style brick oven pizza up on Arthur Avenue. The crust had a good chew and enough crispiness to satisfy this dago, and the spicy soppressata on the Diavolo pizza put some happy in here /points to belly.

The rest of the menu looks fabulous too including the polipetti affogati which are currently swimming around in here /points to belly.


You should find the Kill Bill script, it's floating around online. QT annotated it to include the source of all his references. As someone who spent most of his time in film school smoking blunts and drinking Ballantine tall boys while watching kung fu triple features on times square it was pure bliss.


Me and my boys are deciding which of the new traditionalist pizza joints to hit after work tomorrow, you're welcome to join:

I think we'll do Keste but still considering the others. Will definitely check out your tip on Arthur Avenue, Ms. Wahoo grew up there and we go closeby every other weekend to visit her folks.

Good tweetreview from David Rosengarten on Keste. Let me know if it's accurate.

Chief: I will definitely do that; thanks for the tip.