Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I mean it.

Today has ended: Stay on the path of righteousness. Tomorrow: Same WoW Channel.

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Lucky fans, all of you. Four nationally televised Yankees games this week, including tonight's tilt on TWWL.

Four nationally televised Yankees games this week, including tonight's tilt on TWWL.

Somewhere, somebody looks at a digital converter box and goes "...naaah."

After all these weeks of practicing you'd think Rob could hit the right notes by now. The them song's played live every week, right?

I dunno about you guys but I can't go into an alley these days without having to turn around and check behind me in mortal fear of Sometimes Lloyd.

McClouth and LaRoche are catching up at first.

I hope Adam is going to be ok

I'm secure enough in my manhood to admit to you all that I'm scared to click the Ultimate Saliva Challenge link.

It's okay, Gorge, it's salvia, not saliva. Which doesn't really make it any better.

Seriously, why does Blaine Boyer keep getting jobs?

And McClouth just hit a tater tot.

I hope laroche doesn't hang himself (RIP Carradine) tonight

McCutchen is fast as shit

Listening to Berman and Hershisher awkwardly stumble through that Yankees-Rays broadcast was excruciating. They made me hate every single second of what would have otherwise been an excellent game. Boomer has become a parody of himself, it's like listening to your prep school buddy's dad condescendingly broadcast his law firm's summer-outing softball game. And Orel, an otherwise likable broadcaster with a wealth of pitching insight, was so amazingly befuddled by what Boomer was doing that he couldn't string together three useful sentences the entire night. Even the guys in the truck a minute or two behind the whole night, like they were the C team called in from the Billiards circuit, unable to cue up a worthwhile highlight. I am shaken to my very core right now.

Manny over Ibanez for the all-star game? Playing the part of Skip Bayless tonight... ROB IRACANE!

Okay kids, today's lesson is that you should not send angry drunken e-mails to your boss expressing your true thoughts. This lesson brought to you courtesy of the fifteen-minute assraping I took at work today. My computer needs a breathalizer.

Wong Kar Wai is a brutal mistress.

Oh, and Honeynut? Raul Ibanez just tested positive for performance-enhancing empanadas. Suspended 50 lunches.


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