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Hey kids, don't you take it too bad.

That's it for me this week. I'm about to hop in an RV and drive overnight to Manchester, TN for yet another Bonnaroo. They really sneak up on you. Play the "What Sets Is Kris Going To" game in the comments if you want. You're in the always capable hands of Rob and our other friends. In fact, I even see a Matt Sussman liveblog in your near future.

So until I come back dirty and farmer tanned on Monday, keep it locked. Same WoW Channel.

(Picture stolen from deleteyourself.)

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"So until I come back dirty and farmer tanned on Monday"

Don't you mean dirtier?

Considering I'm only familiar with about 10 acts playing Bonnaroo I'm going to sit out the "What Sets Is Kris Going To" game.

I'm going to give Friday a shot:

Animal Collective
Grizzly Bear
Lucinda Williams
David Byrne
Girl Talk

Let's go with the "How Many Drunken Text Messages Will I Receive During the Springsteen Set" game.

Let's see. Hanging around the "That Tent" trying to score shrooms on Thursday night.

On Friday: Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Kaki King, TV on the (Motherfuckin') Radio, Lucinda Williams, the Beasties, Phoenix, Public Enemy, then in a surprise move, Paul Oakenfold over Girl Talk.

On Saturday: Booker T, Jenny Lewis (over Wilco!), The Decemberists, then the Boss to try and spot your favorite baseball writers.

Sunday: Ted Leo, Merle Haggard, then Phish.

This is all contingent on if the RV makes it and doesn't factor in drug and alcohol usage.

Over/under on Bruce performance? He's slotted in for 3:30; I'll take the over.

Saturday I'll predict

Bon Iver (over Rodrigo/Gabriela and Saadiq)
of Montreal (over Jenny Lewis)
Wilco (over the Decembrists and, inexcusably, Elvis Costello)
Ben Harper (over NIN)

From the "what not to bring" page: "Avoid bringing unnecessary items that become pesky waste (sequins, silly string, confetti, balloons, packing peanuts, etc.)"

They forgot to include "jam bands".

I enjoyed this bit of fine print, re the $1,500/pair VIP tickets:

VIP ticket fees are $72.65 per pair, which includes per ticket a $6.00 facility fee, $3.00 contribution to Coffee County, and $1.00 charity donation, and service fees.

Girl Talk at 2:15am? I forsee lots of grinding in Kris's future.

I get TV on the Radio and Grizzly Bear in Atlanta on Saturday. At my favorite venue in Atlanta too.

Band of Horses and Neko Case are at the same time, that's a tough choice.

Band of Horses and Neko Case are at the same time, that's a tough choice

No it's not. You don't have to go to either of them.

Kris is actually performing his big hit "I Love College" under an alias.

You know what Bonnaroo is missing? Mastodon.

True, but Bonnaroo DOES have Dillinger Escape Plan. They may not be Mastodon, but they're still the good kind of batshit crazy.

Get off my lawn you kids! Is Benny Goodman playing?

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