Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, the insurgency began and you missed it.

  • AREN'T you glad that 'Duk waited a bit longer than the rest of the madding crowds to post his problem with the Raul Ibanez story? As far as I'm concerned, it's the last (and best) word on the entire matter.

  • IF I can't figure out a way to explain the whole thing to my Gramma in 100 words or less, then is it really that big of a deal anyway?

  • WILL CitiField continue to play like a hitters park tonight when the Phils and Mets finish off their delightful midweek series? Give us all another back-n-forth one-run game, folks, and you've got one of the best series so far this year.

  • CAN the Cerulean Jays pick up the shortened sweep of the Fightin Ron Washingtons tonight in Arlington? And since when does it rain in Texas? Kevin Millwood versus Ricky Romero, y'all.

  • HOW obnoxious will Red Sox fans be if Yaz' grandson ever makes the bigs?

That'll do it for today. Many, many thanks to our friend Matt Sussman for a soaking wet but solid whiparound liveglog. Won't someone out there please hire the kid so he can finally shave off that layoff beard?

I'll be back tomorrow trying my darndest to cover Kris' usual Friday gigs and one more day of Morning Juice at the Stew. Please join me. Same WoW channel.

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HOW obnoxious will Red Sox fans be if Yaz' grandson ever makes the bigs?


WILL anyone notice the difference?

Yesterday I was still laying in bed when the WoW TQs came out, I challenged myself to do something productive before they came out today. I did laundry.

Can I make it a habit?

White Sox had bases loaded in the ninth with none out in a tie game.

You already know what DIDNT happen by the lack of SHRIMP on this BLOG.

Glogging the Yanks Sox again if anyone has any extra snark lying around.

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