Tonight's Questions

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That'll about do it for today, kids. Let's all wish Kris a speedy return and excitedly wait for Interleague to be over for another year. Same WoW channel.

Photo of Iranian National Baseball team courtesy of the SF Gate

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excitedly wait for Interleague to be over for another year.
AMEN Brother Lloyd
No one in Beantown who knows their ass from a hole in the ground was really hoping for a meaningless shot at last year's WC Phillies
and hosting Florida at Fenway will surely rate a close second to My Super Ex-Girlfriend showing on FX

Corey not taking batting practice but shagging flies in center. Not in starting lineup either but i'm praying someone trips on a drainage pipe.

Had delicious pork ribs for dinner. I then threw them up after reading that maggot-in-the-arm story. Go scratch, Drew Fairjagoff.

Rob just threw up his Yankee wiener after Hernandez's 3 run pop!

This just in: Ron Villone is still gainfully employed.

I was in the air when the the big news came down today about Kris.

Kris, I wish you the best and, like everyone else, I hope we see you back here sooner than later. Without getting all mushy, I want to say to all you guys here that reading and commenting on this blog has been a small but thoroughly enjoyable part of my (almost) daily routine. Great work, and thanks to everyone involved.

I still think we need to do that telethon for Kris; he's going to get tired of sardines and crackers at some point.

Can someone do me a favor and go to and tell me I am not seeing things on the front page?

Attn: Honeynut. Scott Rolen sends his regards.

Holy shit is that Darren?!?

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