Tonight's Questions

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That'll do it for today, friends. Check back tomorrow; we hope to have video of Pat Burrell performing magic tricks with a series of gloves and groupies. Same Adult WoW channel.

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WILL Drew commit hari-kari now that Doc Halladay has hit the creampuff list?

Why is Edwin Jackson the next Bob Gibson and not, say, Tim Lincecum? Are they both from Nebraska or something?

I only permeate the racism, I don't generate it.

Oh, no worries. I was asking rhetoricals. At least that's what I call talking to myself.

Man, if I could stay home tonight, I'd totally watch the Nats/Yankees game. I watched the 14-12 game in Cleveland two nights ago and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again tonight in the Bronx.

OK, ESPN's "Bottom Line" thingy just ran a Score Update on the game they're showing on ESPN. Brain...hurting...

Sitting at home and Corey Patterson is in the Nats lineup tonight. DAMN YOU, POOR TIMING

Boog is talking about fangraphs during the game.
eat shit Joe Morgan

THE SINGLE GAYEST VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN. If you're not a gay before watching, you'll be mincing around afterwards for SURE.

The Nats are setting new lows. They pitched out and sill couldn't throw Brett Gardner out, ten watched helplessly as he stole third while the catcher couldn't get he ball out of his glove. All this in a 1-run game in the ninth.

With one out, A-rod just walked. Hey Alex, there's a runner on third. You're the best hitter around. Swing the bat.

I left a whole lot of letters out of that comment, didn't I?

BAHAHAHAHAH Robbie Cano fouls off a million pitches then grounds into a game-ending double play. The blood is on your hands, A-Rod.


With infinite sadness.

I mock, but my favorite club has just been taken to the woodshed by Scott Richmond, a man who I deemed unworthy of a roster spot in a 20-team fantasy league. Also, I'm glad the Jays could get their first two interleague wins on the road in Philly. That's not shameful at all.


Nats Wins: 17
Nats Blown Saves: 16
Adam Dunn HRs: 18

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