Tonight's Questions

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  • WHY is the entire baseballblogosphere all agog about Steven Soderbergh losing the studio backing for his Moneyball movie? This is snoozy procedural Hollywood nooze, people.

  • HOW will Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols take to the Mets new digs in Flushing? He's got only one career tater against Mets starter Tim Redding but a fat 1.132 OPS.

  • ARE you going to listen live to three men talk about a book on the Internet tonight? The Walkoff Walk Furious Five starts at ten pee emm.

Seriously, Drew and Kris and I spent the past few weeks actually reading a book so we could discuss it, but in the end, we'll do our best to make it fun for you and not like your mom's book club where a bunch of ladies sit around clucking like hens and scarfing down artichoke dip. We'd be pleased as spiked punch to have you join us. In fact, we'll hip you to the official Furious Five call-in number if you want to dial us up between 10:00 and 10:30 to lend your opinion.

1-347-843-4807. Use it wisely. Back with more blogging tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

(Seattle baseball cage at dusk photo courtesy of Flickr user subsetsum)

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An additional programming note: Yours truly will be spending tomorrow morning with Al Roker and assorted friends; best bet to hear me speak (if they let me, as has been promised--but it's teevee, so who knows) will be at 8:30.

Tear me off a piece of Al Roker's leftover belly skin as a souvenir and I'll buy you a Coke Zero.

I hate that sanctimonious fatso and his weather bullshit.

Casually call Al "Willard" as in Scott. I bet that would piss him off.

Due at 10 PM? Fuck. Who's got the SparkNotes?

Done and done.

Rob's jealous 'cause Al was on Seinfeld.


My favorite part about the podcast is trying to figure out what happened to my various co-hosts and then making a bigger deal than needed.

I am listening to the Podcast now, and I think it's fucked up how you cut off matt_T 7 minutes in. He had a good point about women umpires.

We got Rob and Kris and sometimes Pat.

Not that I would put it past a WoW commenter to call in, mid show, with some crazy voice wanting to lay into years of feminism but I think that may have been a random dude.

Blogtalk has a feature that will show you what's on the air that very second and Rob threw out the number right away soooo.... Just wanted to put the awesome possibility out there.

I wish I could take credit, but that wasn't me.
And after Pat called in, I didn't want to, I don't think its possible to follow up something like that

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