Tonight's Questions

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That'll close the doors on another brisk Walkoff Walk day. Many thanks to Dan McQuade for another tip-top job with Cinema Varitek. Tonight on national TV, Yanks-Braves on ESPN2. Tomorrow, a glog with Sooze. Same WoW channel.

(Barackblehead picture courtesy of Flickr user 917press)

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holy crap.

that CAN'T be the same Tilde.

After Samson's locks were shorn, the Philistines burned out his eyes with a hot poker.

Jim Leyland is readying the fires...

DOES Luke Scott really need Oakley Blades at quarter 'til eight in the evening?

It's the third longest day of the year. Or something. That sun is a cruel mistress during the magic hour.

He just wants to play like Corey Hart.

Luke Scott is in the Witness Protection Program, which explains the shades and on the Orioles.

What did he witness? He saw Craig Biggio strangle a drifter.


Where I come from we call those "Winfields"

Wow, Jose Veras. Great. All our troubles are over.

@Chief, your boys could use him tonight. Not pretty in Pittsburgh

UU, Pittsburgh is never pretty, under any circumstances.

Got my heist ticket today (Thanks, Rob!). You coming?

@Chief, unfortunately I won't be at the heist. It sounds like it is going to be a great time. Have a beer for me.

Hey Robbo, I got my tickets today, too. I appreciate you spraying the envelope with your signature scent before mailing it. It made me hungry for broccoli rabe.

Wait wait wait. UU are you not coming because of prior engagements or because you have no ticket?

Because we can fix the latter.


You have extras I have a pal in Philly who is down to attend.

Chief, that guy is busy directing a film.

Magglio looks like bizarro Rob with his new hair.

Kris, fly me out to the heist.

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