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Hey kids, I still believe

Early end to the day again, kids. Headed out in the thunderstorms and rainclouds to watch my beloved Bombers take on the Beltre-less Mariners. Maybe I'll steal a media pass and go pants Geoff Baker in the press box. Until tomorrow, same WoW channel.

(Yankee Stadium marquee photo courtesy of Flickr user jdalton)

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Gotta get Eric Hinske's autograph.

What about Shelly Duncan? I thought for sure he was the power hitting right fielder of the future.

Massive hat tip to The Colonel's Twitter on the Bruce Springstein (Oy!) video.

That Gaslight/Bruce collaboration is much better than the Brian-Fallon's-head-on-Springsteen's-body magazine collage I have in my shrine at home.

Shelley Duncan was listed as "Shelley _Duncan" on the scoreboard at the minor league ballgame I attended over the weekend. _Duncan went 0-fer that night, even making the first and third out in the seventh inning. Rest assured, he won't be the power hitting right fielder of the future until he sheds that underscore from his name.

If you squint, you can see Chief Wahoo talking to the Reverend.

Why does everyone care about Bruce Springsteen again all of a sudden? Is it because it's summer, and all of the Jamooks have taken to their shore houses and back patios, and they're all twittering about it?


And is he still singing about blue collar dilemnas and missed opportunities? What kind of opportunities is he missing out on in Rumson? A sale on organic Pancetta at Whole Foods? Was he on tour during Wicker-rama's annual end-of-season chaise lounge blowout?


Honeynut Ichiros, he hates Bruce Springsteen, he can't stand the guidos who blast his music at the shore, he's from Jersey, woh-woh-wohhhhhhhhhh...

I'm not a fan, but even I'll admit BRUCE is a legend. That's a given (though that "I'm On Fire" song is pretty damn creepy). But my favorite musical act based out of New Jersey is still The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Better Bruce Springsteen than Jimmy Buffet

Rob Iracaaaaaaaane.... he has a culinary baseball blog... and a green hat... and he lives in Jersey. AHHHHH WAHHH WAHHHH WOHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I like The Dillinger Escape Plan, too. At least the songs where the screaming is only light-to-moderate. "Panasonic Youth" frightens me, but "Milk Lizard" is great.

They say there's no accounting for taste, except when it comes to Jimmy Buffet. Then it's always bad.

I don't mean to nitpick your spelling errors, but a jimmy buffet sounds deliciously boring.

Spelling aside, I must agree. Jimmy Buffett just might be the devil incarnate. He or Barry Manilow.

That's reasonable. "Milk Lizard" is awesome and the moderate-to-heavy screaming can be a bit overbearing. Personally, I'm a musician, so the really intricate stuff (i.e. "Nong Eye Gong", "Sugar Coated Sour", "Baby's First Coffin") fascinates me to no end.

And oh yeah - there's baseball on TV. WHEEE! Go Brewers!

I dont take the time to listen to his music, I dont take the time to learn to spell his last name.

Also, I'm pretty sure the Pirates management hates their fans. Maybe they're trying to pull a Major League and get the team moved.

/shakes ass

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