Tony LaRussa Sues Twitter In Bout Of Typical Overmanagement

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Hey guys did you know THAT TONY LARUSSA HAS A LAW DEGREE? Well just in case you forgot, the master of the lefty/righty matchup, the designated setup guy, and batting the pitcher 8th has engaged in more overkill by taking Twitter to court over an impostor Tweeter. You know Matlock, you can just tell them to take it down.

Anthony La Russa, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, sued Twitter after an unknown Twitter user created an account at and pretended to post updates as La Russa. The fake Twitter page included La Russa's photo and a handful of vulgar and apparently Cardinals-related updates. One line of the "profile" suggested it was all a fake: "Bio Parodies are fun for everyone."

La Russa's complaint alleged that the fake Twitter page constituted trademark infringement and dilution, cybersquatting, and misappropriation of name and likeness. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, La Russa's attorney tried to contact Twitter before filing the lawsuit, but got no response. Hours after the lawsuit was filed, Twitter removed the fake La Russa page and its postings. According to the Superior Court docket, the case is still pending.

Looks like LaRussa and Kanye have another thing in common besides having sported a mullet. Is it strange that someone in their late middle agedness doesn't get Twitter? Of course not. Plenty of people of all ages don't get it. But AS A LAWYER DONT FORGET IM A LAWYER, LaRussa should have understood that sometimes mediation and counsel are the easiest way to solve a problem. Now you're just going to get picked on even worse than that benign fake Twitter would have. Tony, go ask your attorney what the FAIL meme is.

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Seems like LaRussa's asleep at the wheel when it comes to keeping up with technology.

I started a fake Chris Carpenter Twitter but then I pulled three ligaments in my right elbow.

Which is weird because the elbow only has two ligaments.

And hey whatever you guys do, don't look up where Tones got his JD, ok? Thanks. Carry on.

Oddly enough, LaRussa's daughter started following me on Twitter after I mentioned him once. Maybe she could have set him straight before any of this.

Of course, what else would he do with himself on off days?

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