Vernon Wells and Alex Rios Are Lucky To Be Anonymous Losers

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At least that's what teammate Kevin Millar thinks. Via the Globe and Mail's Jeff Blair, here's Millar:

"In this market, guys are very fortunate when they go through struggles, because it's not magnified by any means," Millar, who is hitting .185 over his last 21 games, told ESPN's Jerry Crasnick earlier this week. "You throw up a 1-for-10 in Philadelphia, New York or Boston, and it's the end of the world.

"I'm not saying any struggle is easy, because Vernon is definitely trying to cure his thing and get out of it. But you're definitely fortunate that you're in another country and you're playing for the Blue Jays and you've got three beat writers instead of 40."

Perhaps Kevin Millar is still not attuned to the power that the Toronto Star's Richard Griffin has to influence and sway public opinion among Toronto sports fans from his stool at the local watering hole his desk. He may be just one of three beat guys covering the Jays, but his sharp-tongued wit can sting the hardiest of athletes while his power rankings have left many a player in tears. Of laughter. At how lame they are.

But I'm still not sure if Millar was attacking Rios and Wells more or the tepid Toronto baseball media. Is he saying that the newspaper industry is failing so much that the columnists lack the time to devote to tearing Vernon Wells to shreds? Or is he saying that the Torontonians (Torontoese? Torontoers?) are too interested in hockey and The Tragically Hip records to pay attention to a fourth-place baseball team?

Maybe in the end, it's a good thing for the struggling Jays duo that Geoff Baker left for Seattle.

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You know what? I think that's Gene Wilder's silhouette.

you're playing for the Blue Jays and you've got three beat writers instead of 40.

Yeah but at least in Boston we don't have to step over dozens of empty Campari bottles to get around in the clubhouse... RICHARD GRIFFIN.

The Jays ain't no damn fourth place team. Well, technically they are. But they're really not.

And Vernon Wells will rise.

I think most of Toronto's beat writers are still writing about Carter's home run

Was this a backhanded "worsening offense" post?

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