Walkoff Walk Officially Apologizes to Sean Burnett and Jesse Chavez

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Two weeks ago, Mr. Liakos implied that the Pirates players were insane for holding a seance in honor or recently departed teammate Nate McLouth. We got our information from ESPN, normally a bastion of honest reporting and never, ever, ever a source of chicanery in journalism.

Well, it turns out the ESPN folks were dead wrong about the candle, candle burning bright in McLouth's locker, so we'd like to offer up our mea culpa:

Relievers Sean Burnett and Jesse Chavez are fuming over how they've been portrayed by ESPN and other media for supposedly setting up a candle and "shrine" to Nate McLouth.

"It's ridiculous. Blown way out of proportion," Burnett said. "I'm waiting for an apology."

Chavez said the candle was set up two weeks before McLouth was traded as a running joke about the players' daily card game of Pluck. As long as Chavez and Burnett kept winning, the candle stayed lit at their lockers.

"It had nothing to do with the trade," Chavez said. "It's a friendly thing we had going on, an inside joke."

Neither player was disciplined by the team and the candle and Pluck scoreboard remain at their lockers.

Walkoff Walk doesn't have a very big profile in the sportsblogosphere so we don't expect Chavez and Burnett to feel any sense of satisfaction from this apology, but still, we're sorry that we implied they had emotional detachment issues. Just as long as Chavez, Burnett, and the entire Pirates team are employing safe practices when dealing with candles, we regret any emotional distress we may have caused with our blog post.

In the future, we'll make sure any separation anxiety presuppositions involve Andruw Jones and only Andruw Jones.

(Via the Baseball Think Factory Newsblog)

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So much insensitivity. Pirates have feelings too!

Thus concludes our quota of two Pirates stories per quarter.

The Pirates' talent detachment issues continue apace, however.

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