Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, drink it up

Good news, everyone. All forty tickets for the Heist were delivered to my doorstep yesterday. An email will go out next week looking for some more fundage from the stragglers and for some addresses so I can mail 'em to the honest folk who paid in advance. Get your McCutchen jerseys now, people!

Thus concludes another Walkoff Walk broadcast week. Please join our pal Drew for weekend coverage. Kris and I will be back on Monday to get you ready for the Amateur Draft. Same WoW channel.

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Did I pay already? I IOU so many sexual favors these days. I should really keep a spreadsheet.

It's rained all week, I'm nearly broke, and my car just broke down for reals. The Nationals are 14-38.

I also have Hold Steady tickets for Sunday night.

Life is good.

What is the date of The Heist again?


Hope they don't cancel on you like they just did to Tampa. It's cool though, I'm sure they'll still mention Yboy City like 8 times on the next record.

Re: Francouer, If the Sox are thinking of making him the new DH they should just pull Tom Brunansky out of retirement and keep Penny.

Go to Virgin America, get cheap tickets to the West Coast, and come to an A's game/Giants game bender. You can eat great food, watch kick-ass baseball, and then you can go across the bay to watch the Giants.


But the Red Sox already have Francoeur, he just goes by Ortiz up there.

7/11, Chief.

The Braves should make that trade this instant.

Yboy City is the gay side of Ybor City.

7 even back do' lil joe

Ken Griffey Jr. Major League Baseball AND Bases Loaded in your pocket? Oh yes: http://www.slashgear.com/pocket-retro-game-emulator-keeps-it-old-school-0446001/

Yuk, Dum, Boo, Bum were all based on Tim McLelland.

MLB.com's Mark Bowman heard from a major league source who said the Braves have no interest in Penny. Bowman writes that "the Braves won't be among the teams showing interest in the big right-hander."

Once again, stellar reporting by the 4 letter

7/11, never forget.

Great news, everyone: Vincent Padilla cleared waivers!

The Heist in Philly on 7/11? It's a sign to to jump on the AC Expressway before or after the game and play some craps.


Nah, it's actually a sign to go get a Slurpee before or after the game.

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