Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, the fire won't start without a burning desire.

  • CAN Oakland rookie Vin Mazzaro out-Lincecum Tim Lincecum tonight in the city by the bay? Vin's working on a 13 1/3 scoreless inning streak to start out his big league career and the soft-hitting Giants are exactly the kind of team to extend it.

  • WILL the Rockies eight-game winning streak continue back at home against the Mariners? Seattle sends Jarrod Washburn up the dirt hill; he's winless since April 21st despite his 3.64 ERA over that span.

  • DO you hate the Subway Series as much as I do? It seems to exist solely for the benefit of the FOX network and the piss-poor NYC tabloid papers.

  • HOW glad is Danny Haren that his team gets to bat against the NL Central's worst team at preventing runs tonight? Haren leads the NL in ERA and yet only has a 4-4 record. Nice support, Eric Byrnes.

  • IS that dirty Bonnaroo nonsense simulcast on the Internets anywhere? I want to watch Springsteen from the good ol' country comfort of my living room.

That'll just about cover this whirlwind week, folks. The College World Series (ping!) officially starts tomorrow in Omaha and some of those games are on national television if you want to avoid the New York nonsense. You'll be in good hands this weekend as our buddy Drew "LTB" Fairservice returns to guide you through the interleague morass. I'll be back Monday, all rested, same WoW channel.

("Out At Home" painting by Fletcher Cransom, courtesy of the Boston Public Library)

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Rob, glad to see you're still with us after last nights game.


I think my Hogs even get the honor of losing the first game!

Slowey with 9 Ks through 5

Rob, I can't get the requisite utility installed, but here's where the Bonnaroo stream is:


Gorge - you are a gentleman and a scholar

I'm at OPACY, and Yunel Escobar hit a HR two seats behind me in Left. If you pull up the highlights and see a goofy kid in a striped shirt awkwardly lunge for the ball, just know that I tried.

I just rewound it back a few times but they didn't show a close up of the stands.


what a fucking hack

Hey I just played golf instead of working. Now I'm gonna drink Mothership Wit and Newcastle, roast a chicken with some citrus and aromatics shoved up its bunghole, and watch the '89 Giants show up and be reminded of what 2nd place feels like.

If you know anyone who needs punched in their fat fucking face let me know, I'm in that kinda mood.

Ichiro. Always punch Ichiro.

He's already on my list, Fartie. I ever see Ichiro, Art Modell or any of the members of Wang Chung on the street it's an automatic punching for them.

You can also add Edgar Renteria, Jose Mesa, John Elway, and Mike Hargrove to the list.

What about Drew Carey?

Matt, thanks for trying. You would have also seen my wife cowardly duck behind me after losing the ball in the sun. I expected a better effort, I'm not gonna lie.

I'd shake Drew Carey's hand, not punch him. He had a threesome with one of my exes and gave her genital warts. She deserved them. He's fine with me.

That is one of the best sentences ever to involve Genital Warts. I'd shake his hand now too.

It's beyond amazing, the stories Chief Wahoo has in his quiver.

Fuck Tim Lincecum, and his stupid RBI, and his stupid shutout through 6, and his stupid snaggletooth. Fucking douchefag.

Ah, Gorge, would I were able to tell you the good ones. Whatever you suspect about showbiz multiply by twelve and add a midget transvestite in a furry costume. It's that weird.

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