Weekend Questions

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  • WILL you enjoy all the nationally-televised games this weekend? Tigers-Cards on MLB Network tonight, Rays-Mets on FOX Saturday afternoon, White Sox-Reds on MLB Network Saturday night, Red Sox-Braves on TBS Sunday afternoon, and Dodgers-Angels on ESPN Sunday night. It's an abbondanza of TV baseball!

  • DO you realize that the aforementioned White Sox-Reds tilt is the Civil Rights Game, and that Hank Aaron, Muhammad Ali, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Frank Robinson, Eric Davis, Harold Reynolds, Oscar Robertson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tony Perez, and Bob Gibson will be in attendance? Oh, to be a fly on Dusty Baker's dugout wall for a day!

  • HOW far has Yahoo columnist Tim Brown fallen from his rocking chair? To lionize the anonymous coward who leaked the Sosa news as a hero is an insult to the true heroes of the world.

  • HAVE you watched live baseball on your iPhone yet? I can't wait to go to a Yankees game and watch the Red Sox lose on my mobile device SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Please forgive our day off tomorrow but I have a prior commitment that will prevent me from posting. Drew "LTB" Fairservice will guide you through the weekend of interesting interleague action and I'll be back on Monday to fulfill your bloggin' needs. Get excited, people, because there WILL be a Furious Five Radio Show on Monday night with the triumphant return of co-host Kris Liakos. Same WoW channel.

(photograph courtesy of Flickr user Rich Anderson)

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Is it Friday today?

I guess BC didn't get around to reading the last paragraph.

It is for me.

/does jig

And how have the Yanks fared against those Red Sox thus far this year, Rob?

Oh, yeah - I don't have to work tomorrow either!

/does janglier jig

Any update on the yankee-nats game?

Chico Harlan and Mark Feinsand both say a 4PM start.

thanks Rob, let's hope they don't make another Nationals starter look like Cy Young.

Please forgive our day off tomorrow but I have a prior commitment that will prevent me from posting

Rob is driving up to Brooklyn Park, Minnesota for their annual Tater Daze celebration.

White people celebrate weird shit.

Did you read the 20-page festival guide PDF? The first 8 pages are all ads. Little known fact: the publishers of Cosmopolitan also publish the Tater Daze materials.


Yeah Rob, you Iti's don't have any pointless parades/celebrations


I should look at the sites before I link to them

The first day of summer is fast approaching and Rob needs the day to prepare.

Prepare for the first day of summer? What is he? Daisy Buchanan?


I booked my flight for the Heist. I'll be in Philly at 5 on that Friday. Anyone else who is in town friday, let's get drunk

I don't have work tomorrow. Let's post funny stuff right here about stuff.

I'm not sure what I'm more disappointed about: The Yankees dropping 2 in a row to the Nats or the Mets game not ending with a walk off walk last night.

Many praises be to Allah for keeping the rain at bay on the day i help my girlfriend move.

WoW Writer Delay Theater Dabbleboard: iz here

hm, that didn't work. Use this one instead.

Man that Rob is a slacker.

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