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Another week enters the digital archives, folks. This upcoming weekend brings us the finale (finally) of interleague matchups, so you American League squads better make hay while the sun's still shining and keep racking up those wins over your weaker sisters. Walkoff Walk will go mostly quiet this weekend both in tribute to Michael Jackson and also because our poutine-eating brother Drew is kinda busy.

Be back here Monday. Same WoW channel.

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keep racking up those wins over your weaker sisters

You had better get those wins in the regular season, 'cuz they sure as shit won't be plentiful in October.


The answer to WHO is Rob Neyer. End of story.

"In less than three full seasons with TBS, Darling's become as good as Tim McCarver, Joe Morgan of ESPN or anybody else, says Turner Sports executive producer Jeff Behnke."

That's some prime company there. Sheesh.

At least they didnt add Joe Buck in there

There is a former pitcher who is pretty good analyst. Is it David Cone?

I think David Cone does some stuff for YES. I haven't watched any games on TBS this year, but David Wells does some games for them now. I might wait til the playoffs to listen to him, but it will probably we worth the wait because I'm sure it will just be hilarious.

"In less than three full seasons on the menu, Chili's Quesadilla Explosion had become as popular as TGI Friday's Jack Daniel's Grill or Outback's Kookaburra Wings, says Minnesota resident Paul Tolbert."


I imagine the SNY comm box is a bit like Blackadder goes forth.

Stone-Pony trumps all of these lot though.

Things I would pay to see: Sweet Lou smoking the Sweet Lou: http://sports.espn.go.com/chicago/news/story?id=4290259

Here's my weekend question: how many more times am I going to puke today?

I can only assume that because Lou admits to marijuana usage, yet doesn't know steroids from a reefer, his single experience was smoking out of his boyhood buddy Tony La Russa's skull bong.

Welcome new commenter pikapp_128! Braves fans are welcome here with open arms.


Not to be a downer, but it might be best to dial down your expectations of David Wells as an analyst. He's pretty bad, at least he was in the brief time I listened to him two weeks ago.

Thanks Rob. And Gorge that's the joke, there is no way Wells will be even remotely tolerable to listen to.


As you'll soon find out by hanging around here, I'm not very bright.

Fuck...everytime I hear the part "So I've learned, that love is not possession..." I think of that part in Delirious where Eddie brings the house down with his impression of Michael.

Point is: eat it, Iracane. I'm sick of you and your Fantasy Team. Gimme some of your pithers.

And while you're at it, give me some pitchers as well. Your pithers are not enough.

Check out a nifty picture of mammatocumuli or "boob clouds" hovering over CitiField last night.

I get home after a long day of moving shit that wasn't mine. The only game on is the Cubs-Sox game. Joe Buck throwing it to Ken Rosenthal to moralize about Milton Bradley.

I hate the modern broadcaster.

What the crap, I go on vacation and all of the sudden there's another braves fan. I SEE HOW IT IS ROB OR SHOULD I SAY FRUITBAT

unless pikapp is a chick, then all is forgiven fruit bat

Sorry, I'm not a girl. Being a Braves fan is like hitting yourself in the face with a hammer every day. If you hold the Red Sox to 1 run you should win. I hope the Braves trade Francouer to Bojangles for a box of biscuits.

Speaking of biscuits, what was up with Chicken in a Biscuit crackers? Those things were so good as a kid, but I never understood the name or the flavor.

Speaking of hitting yourself in the face with a hammer, "zooperstars" showed up at the minor league ballgame I attended last night. They made me laugh... and gave me nightmares...

Put down your hammers boys, Hanson v Penny - gonna be a long afternoon

Jesus, first MJ and Farrah, then Billy Mays?

and where does Ed McMahon fit in? I thought they were supposed to go in 3s?

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett were both responsible for getting lots of little boys off. Not sure about Ed or Billy. Was either of them a pederats?

I'm still just wrapping my head around the fact that Mays' kid Twittered his dad's death.

Kelly Johnson doesnt even deserve to play in little league. Even though the Braves won it still feels like we lost.

I just started following @YankeesPR on Twitter and was disappointed to find out it wasn't Jorge Posada's personal Twitter account.

Tommy Hanson is 4-0 with a 2.48 ERA. Eat shit Glavine.

If ESPN's plan was to make Joe Morgan appear to be almost sensible by comparison to Steve Phillips, then they have largely succeeded. Nothing we don't all know from years of being subjected to him, but Phillips doing a game is like sitting next to the buzzed idiot three seats over from you at the ballgame or sports bar.

ZOMG Joe is now giving cogent soccer analysis!

Joe Morgan probably thinks the 75 Reds are the best soccer team of all time too. Also Dave Concepcion is the best goalie ever.

Wait wait wait wait wait. Francisco Rodriguez just walked Mariano Rivera with the bases loaded?! Did that really just happen?!

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