Where Nostalgia And Joint Damage Meet: Hall Of Fame Classic Rosters

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Those hardboiled muckrackers over at MLB.com broke another doozy this morning with the release of the rosters for the inaugural Hall Of Fame Classic.

For those of you saying, "Hey I thought they canceled that silly exhibition game between two unlucky teams randomly picked to play a meaningless game in the middle of a pennant race," don't worry. They did. This is a whole new game featuring dudes that have retired. Now you very same people are saying, "How can something be a classic in its inaugural year?" I don't have all the answers. Stop talking to your computer. Here's the list of names.

The star-studded roster for the Father's Day game at Doubleday Field includes 28 former Major League players, including Hall of Fame players Bob Feller, Ferguson Jenkins, Paul Molitor, Phil Niekro and Brooks Robinson.

In addition to the five Hall of Fame players, the list of former players committed to appear at the game include, Fred Cambria, John Doherty, George Foster, Micah Franklin, Bobby Grich, Steve Grilli, Johnny Grubb, Jim Hannan, Jim Kaat, Jeff Kent, Steve Lyons, Joe Lahoud, Bill Lee, Kevin Maas, Mike Pagliarulo, Ron Robinson, Dennis Rasmussen, Steve Rogers, Rich Surhoff, Anthony Telford, Mike Timlin, Lee Smith and Jon Warden.

Huh? Is Mike Timlin really going to pitch to Brooks Robinson? He could throw a ball through Brooks Robinson. There is going to be skin everywhere. Don't they know that an ambulance can really mess up the infield grass? But hey at least they guaranteed Upstate Underdog's viewership by bringing in Jim Kaat.

In other "_aa_" news, Kevin Maas narrowly beat out both Phil Plantier and Matt Nokes for the spot that could only be filled by Kevin Maas, Phil Plantier or Matt Nokes.

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I've been a baseball fan since childhood, and I've not heard of at least four of those guys.

Timlin pitching to Brooks Robinson will look like that stupid beer commercial where the doofus tosses a cold one to the old guy with the walker.

Watch your wallet, Lyons. I heard Steve Grilli has sticky fingers.

Kevin Maas? What was Todd Van Poppel busy?

Jeff Kent is going to start a fight with Fergie Jenkins in the dugout.

Bert Blyleven wanted to play but they don't allow him in anything that has "Hall of Fame" in it

How many times do you think Canseco called up the organizers begging to play in this game?

Wherefore art thou, Mickey Tettleton?

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