A Cooking Egg: Today's Afternoon Games

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Just four getaway daytime games today, fellas, as a bunch of teams start a new series tonight, their last weekend series before the All Star break.

  • Blue Jays at Rays, 12:08PM: WILL this be Roy Halladay's final start in Blue Jay grey? CAN David Price overcome his control issues against a worsening Toronto offense? IS today the day the Jays finally slip under the .500 mark?

  • Yankees at Twins, 1:10PM: Francisco Liriano wasn't even supposed to be here today. The once-lithe lefty moves up a day to cover Glen Perkins who is somewhere in Minnesota with a case of the fever shits. Alfredo Aceves makes a spot start for the Yankees, looking to sweep away the season series from Justin Morneau and his buddies, eh? Last game ever for the Yanks at the Baggiedome before it becomes exclusively a host to rodeos and demolition derbies.

  • Indians at White Sox, 2:05PM: Beating up on the Indians has helped the White Sox make up some serious ground on first place Detroit. That's actually been historically quite successful for Whites. Beating up on Indians to make up ground in Detroit.

  • Cardinals at Brewers, 2:05PM: Walkoff Walk favorite Manny being Parra makes his gallant return from the deel today in Milwaukee. He'll put his 7.52 ERA in his back pocket to face down Albert Pujols and the eight easy outs. Actually, that was one of the lesser known doo-wop groups from the fifties: Albert and the Eight Easy Outs. They'd have been more successful had their nine-part harmony not sounded as cacophonous as a truckload of raccoons in heat.

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The demolition rodeos are gruesome.

But so tasty with that delicious char!


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