Baseball Before Bedtime: And She Was

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Here's what happened in baseball last night when she was moving very slowly:

Royals 8, Red Sox 6: The Red Sox bullpen were called on to protect a moderate lead thanks to a mediocre start from middling pitcher Brad Penny. In the end, the middle relief allowed too many Royals (isn't that the name of a Disney movie? "Too Many Royals!" starring Abigail Breslin as the adorable princess) to score. The Mexicutioner nailed down the save and the Red Sox have fallen into a first place tie with the Yankees.

Giants 9, Padres 3: Tim Lincecum acquired his tenth win despite losing his quest for a no-hitter into the seventh. You'd think that was a good start but most pitchers carry no-hitter bids into the eighth against the sorry Padres, especially when walking Adrian Gonzalez in every plate appearance.


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I can't explain why, but I really like this song.

Also: D'Backs (D'Bags?) coughed up a 10-run eighth inning last night. That waft of methane is the smell of an exploded bullpen.

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