Baseball Before Bedtime: Mark Buehrle's Special Phone Call

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By the time I went to bed last night, the only games that had finished were the afternoon affairs. The evening was bizarre with two games in rain delay and the only active game being a Phillies romp. So I watched old episodes of "The Soup" on my DVR. Timely!

Instead of recapping games, today I bring you a video of Mr. Perfect Mark Buehrle chilling on the clubhouse sofa and casually answering a phone call from Walkoff Walk's second-favorite White Sox fan Barry Obama:

And if you have three minutes to spare and don't mind watching some shaky-cam footage, here is a video featuring every single out of Buehrle's perfecto:

One more video: the Best Bobble Ever:

The least interesting part about Mark Buehrle's perfect game? It was the first perfect game of the Twitter Era; if you had your TweetDeck open yesterday and you followed any baseball fans, you read a lot of instant and hilarious reactions from White Sox fans and hashtag whores alike. Sharing the experience with a bunch of Internet baseball nerds was far more satisfying than sitting at home eleven years ago watching David Wells throw a perfect game knowing that I had a ticket to Yankee Stadium that day that I turned down. Whoops.

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