Baseball Before Bedtime: Wow and Flutter

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Here's what happened in baseball last night when I realized I had to let go:

Mets 1, Brewers 0: In between conversations about Canadian rock music and fat people, we followed along to Mike Pelfrey and Yovani Gallardo engaging in a good old-fashioned pitchers' duel. The Mets one run was scored when Luis Castillo smacked a grounds rule double down the third base line that could have gone for a triple had some cheesehead dame not tumbled over the tarp to grab the live ball.

Dodgers 1, Rockies 0: The second 1-0 game of the day was won on the back of a pinch hitter. Good move, Mr. Torre. With Brad Ausmus on second in the eighth inning, Joe sent in Rafael Furcal to pinch hit for eventual game-winner Ramon Troncoso. Furcal's game-winner came off hard-luck loser Jason Hammel, who went the distance and struck out five while walking none. The Dodgers are now a MLB best 17-8 in one-run games but 0-29 in games where they fail to score as many runs as the opposition. Area needs improvement, Torre!

Reds 1, Diamondbacks 0: The third 1-0 game on Wednesday was perhaps the most predictable, with a struggling Diamondbacks team facing a free-swinging Reds squadron. Joey Votto's sixth inning single plated Chris Dickerson while Johnny Cueto scattered four walks and one hit in six innings to earn a hard-fought W. The D-Backs have now lost nine of their last 11 games.

Braves 11, Phillies 1: Not a 1-0 game but at least both teams earned a run total made up solely of the digit 1. That's so binary. Jair Jurrjens waited all the way until the seventh inning before giving up his first hit of the night; by that point, his Braves friends had battered Cole Hamels and the Phils relief crew like scrod. Delicious, flaky scrod. Martin Prado made the most of his new starting job at second for manager Bobby Cox, going 2-for-4 with 3 runs and 2 RBI. Don't look now but the top four teams in the NL East are now separated by just three games.

Cardinals 2, Giants 1 (10): This one had the potential to be a 1-0 until the Giants tied the game in the eighth at one apiece. Then, in the tenth, Chunky Pablo Sandoval dropped a foul pop-up off the bat of Colby Rasmus, who then proceeded to clobber a ding dong outta the park for the walkoff win. With Albert Pujols on deck, fella was gonna get a good pitch to hit.

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