Billy Koch and Neighbor Settle Their Differences Via Bat Attack

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Former Blue Jay/Athletic/White Sock/Marlin Billy Koch was arrested Saturday morning outside his Florida home after getting into a tussle with his neighbor. He's being charged with criminal mischief, battery, and possessing douchey facial hair without a permit. Here's what went down:

According to a North Port Police Department report, Koch and his wife approached their neighbor in his Jonah Drive driveway just before 2am, angry over an incident between Koch's stepchild and the neighbor. The neighbor grabbed a baseball bat to defend himself and the two wrestled while both held the bat. In the scuffle Koch punched the neighbor in the lip.

The neighbor released the bat, grabbed a shovel and closed his garage door. After the door closed, Koch hit the garage door with the bat and also hit another neighbor's car with the bat.

This is the single most relevant bat attack since that Pirates minor leaguer attacked his teammate with a bat last year but not nearly as insidious as Graeme Lloyd's sekrit gang of bat attack ninjas.

(via Fish Stripes)

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Billy Koch: one less reason to ever move to Florida. Seriously, 2/3 of Intervention episodes are shot there. It explains a lot about Liakos, too.

More like Billy Kock, amirite?!

Are you sure that picture isn't Matt Garza?


Nah, it's not Muppet-y enough.

Oh I see. Is it a requirement in the state of Florida to have that "douchey facial hair"

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