Chris Berman Finds New Leather, C.J. Wilson Tweets It

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Give a pro athlete a night off and a Twitter-enabled mobile device and he's going to make a horse's ass of himself. Rangers reliever C.J. Wilson is no exception, attending the ESPYs last night and tweeting about lecherous broadcaster Chris Berman as Boomer attempted to conquer a new leather-clad lady.

Eagle-eyed reader Matt_T arose early this morning and captured the tweets before C.J. deleted them in an act of cowardice:


Way to backpedal, C.J. I know you're full of shit because nobody misses his awful homer calls from back in the day...he still does them! Maybe C.J. Wilson just puts too many feet in his mouth to be trusted with a Twitter account.

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I'm curious if he decided to delete it on his own or if someone with ESPN or the Rangers saw it and told him to deleted it.

Crap, can I delete my last comment. That should be delete it. Not deleted.

I say we need to get him mic'd up for the rest of the season. This is more interesting than some vanilla quote that baseball players give out every night. It's also better than Brian Wilson's trying-too-hard shtick.

I am pro-C.J. Wilson as long as he stays off the Ritalin.

If he was really straight edge, he'd have hit Berman in the face with a hammer.


I used to be straight edge. Then I grew up.

Ooh, BURN!

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