Clever Clothing Company Cleves Cleveland's Corny Character

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Second only to the hapless Washington Redskins when it comes to racist depictions of mascots (and haplessness!), the Cleveland Indians have long used a despicable and cartoonish image of a Native American as their logo. Racism ain't cool, y'all, no matter how much folks try to explain their mascot as "honoring" Indian tribes. Get real!

Anyway, this hilarious hipster T-shirt company really stuck it to Cleveland with this hilarious hipster T-shirt. White people totally do look like that guy, especially with the dollar sign floating above our heads and the little Lacoste alligator on every one of our collared shirts.

(via and Shelf Life and ShareBro Flubby)

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I'm guessing Rob won't be ordering this shirt

I'm also waiting for Chief Wahoo's response.

This guy would not get any of Rob's jokes

I'm mostly offended by the $28 price tag. Snorg Tees Girl is outraged at the lack of savings!

White people are never really happy.

that's what happens when you dress your baby up in MONEY BAGS, rob.

but i don't know who said they didn't like money bags baby.

Money Baby will appear at least once a week now that I know SOMEBODY doesn't like the little fucker.

Snorg Tees charges $19 + $8 shipping for a shirt that cleverly says "I'm not wearing undies," jerkwheat

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