Fantastic Fan Facial Hair Of The Day

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Hey! It's a new feature here on Walkoff Walk, probably/definitely just for today. Let's check out the top fan facial hair of the day!


Thanks to 3:10 to Joba for notifying Walkoff Walk of this incredible facial hair/regular hair combo package. I think we know why Land Shark Stadium is so empty now.

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Is it just me or did it just start smelling like Patchouli in here?

His girlfriend has an identical beard, it's just covered up by the 4-for-54 promo.

he was told the fish were playing at the stadium. That confused look is him waiting for the Phish concert to start.

@UU No worries, the Marlins play "Bouncing Around the Room" during their 7th-inning Bobblehead Race on the Jumbotron.

UU: If I start a Comment of the Day award here you will win for today.

You say "girlfriend," I say "Stockholm syndrome," to-MAY-to, to-MAH-to

thanks guys.

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