Give Barack Obama The Ford C. Frick Award

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If you didn't see the bottom of the second at the All-Star Game, you missed out on the best part. Yes, some of that was the National League's three-run outburst, the only time all night the NL got anything going offensively. But Barack Obama was also in the booth in the bottom of the second, and it was the best announcing we got all night.

Obama seemed generally knowledgeable about the game, especially for someone who has better things to do. He explained his decision to wear a White Sox jacket while throwing out the first pitch, talked about ribbing the players in the locker room before the game and even did some good analysis. There was also this (in case you missed last night's liveglog):

Joe Buck: "Barack Obama in the booth with us. What an honor."
President Obama: "It is."

It's settled. The booth for this year's World Series should totally be Joe Buck, Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

There is absolutely no reason why we can't give Obama the Ford C. Frick Award even though he's not, technically, a baseball announcer. After all, he was on this year's Scientific American 10 even though he's not, technically, a scientist. Fans can vote for some of the nominees for the Frick Award; this is one election where we can all get together and show our distaste for baseball announcers in general. I mean, if a politician can do a good job in the booth, how hard can it be?

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The best part about Obama's appearance was the fact that it reduced the amount of McCarver that we had to hear.

The second best part was the allusion that he made to the Chappelle Show Wrap It Up Box. I feel ya, Barry.

My two favorite parts: Bam talking about parity, and how everyone basically has a shot ... and then quickly dissing the Nats; and the "we're out of money" line.

They may have just cut McCarvers mic out, so he wouldn't call him Brandon Obama

Parity is a mirage. The Astros suck, Barry.

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