Good Morning, Now Go Listen to the Walkoff Walk Podcast

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Why hello there! Enough of the pleasantries, go listen to last night's awesome Walkoff Walk Furious Five radio show, featuring noted Philadelphian and master podcaster Dan Levy of On the DL.

During the hilarious half hour, our little foursome talked about whether the Red Sox should trade Papelbon, if the Home Run Derby screwed up Joe Mauer's swing, and Trix cereal. The theme song, once again, was massively botched.

The song you heard at the end was a live cut of Warren Zevon's "Carmelita", obtained from the free and easy Internet Archive.

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Cereal when I feel like a kid: Cocoa Krispies

Cereal when I feel like a fat ass: Basic 4

There's an hour and thirty minutes of Levy on my iPod this morning. This is really gonna screw up my Genius results.


Kris is SO Clooney

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