Hop on Pop: Today's Afternoon Games

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There are four, count 'em four daytime contests today to distract you from cubicle crap. Pop open a tiny MLB.tv window or tune in your transistor radio to the AM sports station and enjoy, folks.

  • Indians at Blue Jays, 12:37PM: Rzepczynski time, folks! The lithe lefty has thrown six solid innings in each of his first three starts, which makes him either a durable starter or the mark of Satan himself. The Jays look to win the home series against the Cleve and claw their way back to the .500 mark. In either Central division, they'd be rock star contenders. In the AL East, they are afterthoughts.

  • Tigers at Mariners, 1:05PM: Will Seattle be sellers or buyers at the deadline? Jarrod Washburn was on the trading block last year but never got moved. Lucky for M's fans because that southpaw is scratchin' and survivin' with a 7-6 record despite his sub-3.00 ERA. Heck, a 1-2-3 punch of King Felix, Erik Bedard, and Washburn is massively underrated in the grand rotation discussion. The Tigers try to fend off the ChiSox and avoid losing their second series in a row post-ASG.

  • Giants at Braves, 1:10PM: The Braves have never swept the Giants in a four-game set in Atlanta. But really, small sample size precludes such a feat: how often have the Giants visited Fulton County for a four-game stretch since the Braves moved to Georgia forty years ago? Anyway, the Braves are hot, the Giants are not, and Kenshin Kawakami is going to strike out many, many San Fran hitters today. Barry Zito will throw batting practice for Chipper and co.

  • Rays at White Sox, 2:05PM: B.J. Upton made an egregious oopsie in center last night that led to an Alexei Ramirez triple and a late ChiSox rally that knocked the Rays down a peg. They'll try to get back on the horse today with Scott Kazmir, who has a 7.50 ERA since his last victory on May 9th. Uh-oh, spaghetti-O's. Time for Tampa to tackle a trade and perhaps acquire a Cliff Lee-type, perhaps maybe even Cliff Lee himself. Mark Buehrle and T-Rex take the mound for the Pale Hose.

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Speaking of the Indians, someone get Chief to send me that Rzepczynski for Beef Stew again. I got a new slow-cooker.

For most of those 40 years the Giants and Braves were in the same division.

1993 division race, y'all.

When a 100 win team didn't make the playoffs.

I'll dedicate my next post to whomever can find the # of times the Braves and Gigantes have played a four-game set in Hotlanta from 1960 to 2009.

Still even for teams that are in the same division, a 4 game series at home might happen once every 2-3 years.

It's happened 7 times since 1960. I have no evidence or support for this statement, just trust me.

Still waiting on the Rzepczynski.

Best 1993 pennant race piece ever. I've had it in my bookmarks for about 4 years.


Someone left Scott Rolen out in the rain and I'll never have that Rzepcynski again.

That Dr. Seuss illustration could just as well be titled "GorgeForeman, 7:00 am, Every Saturday Morning Ever".

Yunny Escobar tater tot off Barry Zito knots Giants-Braves game at one apiece.

Bottom four: game still knotted at one.


Bunt party in Atlanta! Giants have bunted safely two straight times now. One run in, Giants lead 2-1.

5-1 Giants, with the help of crappy Braves defense.

Mark Buehehrerele perfect through 7 1/3.

Thanks for the heads up Rob. Pretty bored over here

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