Japanese Baseball Concessions Sound Delicious, Squishy

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New York Times scribe Ingrid K. Williams took in the culture at a Japanese baseball game and noticed marked differences between the fans in the Far East when compared to our own jamook culture here on the East Coast:

As soon as the game began, so did the coordinated cheering. Led by cheer captains in the outfield bleachers, the batting team's fans chanted, sang and rhythmically banged plastic bats for every pitch to every batter. Their deafening, synchronized roar dominated the dome. Each hit ignited a burst of still louder cheers and frantic towel waving.

Yet the fans of the team in the field maintained a respectful hush, interrupted only by an exuberant wave of applause after each out. Questionable calls were never booed. No jeers rang out when an error was made. These fans radiated only love for their teams.

But the highlight of the game must have been the weird and wacky concession stands:

Fried mashed-potato balls are a pleasant substitute for French fries, but the more daring will opt for takoyaki, small dough balls filled with octopus. Hot dogs are also for sale, though it's much more fun to battle a bowl of slippery soba noodles with chopsticks. And if the Baskin-Robbins ice cream stand is familiar, some of its perplexingly named flavors -- like the refreshing Popping Shower (it's minty) -- are not.

In Japan, the Popping Shower is minty. In the Bronx, the popping shower is sticky and smells like the restroom. Quelle difference!

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