Mets Lead League in Douchey Clothing Designs

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Since they're not too interested in playing baseball much anymore, the Mets players have decided it's time to get into the fashion business. A select group of players designed their own signature line of t-shirts or jerseys to sell at the Hot Topic in the Queens Center Mall, and this is what injured reliever J.J. Putz came up with:


Is that design similar to what the kids call the "Affliction" brand? Either way, it's got to be the most horrible shirt I've ever seen in my life. See the other designs at Biz of Baseball if you dare.

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Affliction was about as effective this year as Putz was, too. /obscureMMAjoke

Outside the stadium, Adam Rubin is selling t-shirts with a silk screened Photoshop of his head on Tony Bernazard's body.

Why would anybody want to buy a Mets shirt, anyway? You spend too much for it in January and by October the neck has gotten too tight to wear. /mildlybetterMLBjoke

I'm also pretty sure that Santos shirt is just a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt with Santos' face taped to it.

Ryan Braun laughs at these t-shirts.

This will go over about as well as Bobby Valentine's signature line of fake mustaches.

Putz will blame disappointing sales on Ichiro's "selfishness".

Backup catchers = ELECTRICITY!!!

Everybody thinks they're a goddamn fashionista.

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