Minor League Interns Really Run Baseball

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wow.natlanthem.jpg One of my old college housemates currently works in baseball; when he graduated, his first job was with the Atlantic City Surf. He worked a variety of jobs for the now-defunct independent league team, including selling tickets, scoring games and, of course, playing the mascot at a Quiznos opening.

But I don't know if his duties ever went as far as those of Chelsea Wargo of Ewing, N.J., who interns for the Trenton Thunder and has quite a few different jobs with the club.

Wargo runs around a lot during games. The promotions team selects most promotions contestants prior to the game. The contestants are to report to the guest services desk a half inning before their promotion. It's the promotions team's job to escort that contestant onto the field.

If the activity doesn't require contestants, like the "Dog of the Day" promotion, Wargo and the promotions team still set it up and break it down before quickly fetching whatever or whomever is needed for the next promotion.

There are promotions every half inning between the first and eighth innings, 14 in all. Adding to the crunch July 9, Wargo sang the National Anthem before the game, as she does whenever the Thunder does not have a singer lined up.

Yes, go to a Trenton Thunder game where there isn't some horrific Sony/Epic (or whatever) recording artist or local saxophonist to play the National Anthem and you'll get an intern. She has to be pretty skilled at "The Star Spangled Banner" by now; it's her second year with the team.

Update: If you want to go to the Trenton Thunder on a Tuesday, you can bring a Kraft Singles wrapper with you for a 2-for-1 deal on tickets. Who knew?

Unrelated photo by SD Dirk used under a Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license

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Trenton makes, the world imports from a safe distance using expendable middlemen.

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