Monday Morning Movement Memo

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Note: Baseball Before Bedtime will no longer be seen on Monday mornings so that we may bring you a quick, post-weekend update on the division and wild card races. Thus, Monday Morning Movement Memo will document which way your favorite team is headed, organized by race.

  • National League Central: The Cubs took advantage of a three-game series with a fading Reds squadron to take over first place in the mediocre-est of divisions. Dick Harden finally won a day game at Wrigley on Sunday, his first since August of last year. Lucky for him the Cubs don't play very many afternooners at home. The Cardinals stumbled into second giving up 23 runs in two losses to the Phils while the Astros lost a series to the lowly Mets and fall to two behind the first place Cubs. Time to sell, Wade.

  • American League Central: Deeeetroit used a four game series against the White Sox to make hay while the sun was shining. The Tigers won three of four to assume a two-game lead in the division and would have taken the sweep had they not suffered performance anxiety on prime time tee vee. No worries, Tigers fans. Milton Bradley is on the way to pad your division lead.

  • National League Wild Card: Colorado took two of three from San Francisco and currently enjoy a two-game lead in the wild card race. Aaron Cook finally found a team to bite on his sinker; the Giants grounded into 16 outs and got Cook out of trouble in a tidy 4-2 Rockies win on Sunday. The hot hot Braves took two of three from the Brew Crew and stay within striking distance at 3.5 behind Colorado. Atlanta's weakest link Casey Kotchman smacked a three-run tater tot to lead the offense in a 10-2 win yesterday. At .500, Milwaukee is in seventh place in the Wild Card race and fourth in their measly division.

  • American League Wild Card: The Rangers won a road series in Kansas City but failed to pick up any ground on the Wild Card leading Red Sox, who got the job done at home against Baltimore. Yesterday, Texas exploded for seven runs off (you guessed it) the Royals bullpen to win 7-2. Sidney Ponson's six scoreless frames went for naught. Tampa took two of three from Toronto and tarry four games in back of Boston in the race. It would have been a Tampa sweep but Scott Rolen's three-run dong was made of magic.

  • American League East: The Yankees and Red Sox won their respective series two games to one and maintain an uneasy 2.5 game separation between the squadrons. Oakland used a six run seventh inning on Saturday to claim their only Yankee Stadium win while Baltimore won their first Fenway game yesterday since last July. A group of people haven't been that unsuccessful in the Boston area for that long a stretch of time since Liakos' a cappella choir lost twenty straight "Big Sing" competitions at Wellesley in the 90's.

In other news, the Dodgers maintain their titanium grasp on the NL West, the Phillies continue to enjoy a 6.5 game lead over the Marlins and Braves, and the Angels' hot streak ended at eight straight wins when the Twinkies toppled them yesterday. They still have a 3.5 game lead over Andruw Jones and the Rangers.

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First the Jays, now the Astros. Look out fourth place teams, Iracane is out to get you.

The division lead is padding itself preemptively for fear that Milton might take a swing at it.

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