Monday Morning Movement Memo

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Note: Baseball Before Bedtime will no longer be seen on Monday mornings so that we may bring you a quick, post-weekend update on the division and wild card races. Thus, Monday Morning Movement Memo will document which way your favorite team is headed, organized by race.

  • National League East: Philadelphia took three of four from Florida while rain took the Saturday night game. That left the Marlins with nothing and dropped them to the .500 mark, 7 games behind the first place Phils. The Braves won their four game series with the Mets, three games to one, dropping New York to a season-low five games under .500 thanks to scoring but nine runs in the four game set. Despite a successful weekend, the Braves lost half a game and sit 6.5 back.

  • National League Central: The Cubbies took advantage of a long series against the hapless Nationals to thrust themselves back into the conversation. Alfonso Soriano knocked two ding-dongs in the series including a two-run happy jack that sparked a seven-run fourth inning yesterday. The Brew Crew split four games with the Reds to drop into third place, while the Cardinals stay in first place after winning the rubber game with the D-Backs yesterday. The Astros piqued some interest after taking the first two against the MLB-leading Dodgers but dropped the last two and remain at .500.

  • National League Wild Card: Despite only scoring five runs in thirty-two innings and winning just one against the Pirates, the Giants remain atop the Wild Card standings by a razor-slim margin. The Rockies took three of four against the Padres and even sent two Gonzalez brothers to the hospital. They're a half game behind. The Cubs and Brewers are lurking.

  • American League East: The Yankees picked up two games thanks to their pitching-dominated sweep of the Tigers and the Blue Jays' defeat of the Red Sox. Phil Hughes and Mariano Rivera made the Tigers hitters look foolish in the later innings; Hughes pitched three innings and struck out 8 while Mo saved all three wins. In his final ever start for the Jays, Roy Halladay outdueled Jon Lester in the rubber match of the series and let the Yanks move within one.

  • American League Central: The White Sox took two of three from the O's and picked up two games on the wind-swept Tigers; the Twins came within a walkoff Ian Kinsler ding-dong yesterday from sweeping the Rangers. The standings look like this now: first place Tigers, second place White Sox behind by 1.5, third place Twins behind by 2, fourth and fifth place Royals and Indians behind by approximately 20,000 leagues.

In other news, the Dodgers are still in first by a country mile in the NL West, the Angels beat the A's to stay ahead enough in the AL West, the Yankees maintain a tenuous lead in the AL Wild Card race ahead of the Rays, and this gal is in dead last in every category ever ever ever.

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Atlanta has 4 against the Giants, then go to Milwuakee for 3. Status: Lurking.

In his final ever start for the Jays, Roy Halladay outdueled Jon Lester

I'll use your head as a bucket and paint my house with your brains.

Drew "The Brain Painter" Fairservice strikes again!

Houston could make things interesting in the NL Central. In the next four weeks, they play the Cardinals (twice), Mets, Cubs, Giants, Brewers (twice) and Marlins. Who knows exactly how - or even if - they'll make things interesting, but the chance is still there.

The Phillies are also 8 up in the loss column. I'm thinking they should start getting their postseason rotation in order by the end of the month.

You're right, Drew. Roy is going to make one final home start and then OFF to Philamadelphia.

I'm not sure which produces a funnier reaction: telling Jays fans that Halladay will be traded away or telling Phillies fans they won't get Halladay.

Word up here is that he'll be in pinstripes

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