Nationals Scoreboard Operators Will See You Next Tursday

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D.C. Sports Bog head honcho Dan Steinberg has been busy chronicling the Nationals season by way of uniform malfunctions, bobblehead misnomers and exploding hot dogs, so it almost seems too easy for him when the Nationals public address folks made this egregious error:


Of course, by the reactions of commenters on the spelling FAIL post, not everyone thinks that Steinz' nit-picking (Nat-picking?) is so peachy keen:

creativity FAIL. come up with a new material please.

Posted by: BigNasty | July 6, 2009 12:18 PM

Dear reader, every single misstep that the Nationals commit is creative in its glorious suckitude. Don't shoot the blogging messenger.

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lousy smarch weather

Augut can't get here soon enough.

They spelled "Adam Dunn" funny, too.

Federal workers here get Tursday off. It's in their contracts.

The scoreboard operator is actually Maggie O'Hooligan, Danny Noonan's lass.

"Ya say ya don't like my scoreboardin'? WELL TANKS FAR NUTTIN."

Can we please stop it with the "FAIL" catchphrase? At least "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" was funny the first times.

The Nationals are doing this on purpose, right, so they can at least get some publicity?

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