NLCS Game Five Television Interstitial, WPHL-TV - 1980

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In honor of tomorrow's big Walkoff Walk Field Trip to Philadelphia, aka the Citizens Bank Heist, here's a clip of WPHL-TV that aired prior to game five of the 1980 NLCS. Richie Ashburn! Harry Kalas! Astrodome! 1980s era TV graphics! What production value! As per the description on YouTube:

This aired during a time when MLB allowed a team's local TV outlet to produce its own LCS coverage, thus duplicating the game in the home market along with the network broadcast (in this case, ABC). The local stations were also allowed to simulcast the network's World Series feed. Both practices ended after the 1983 season.

So basically, if your team made the playoffs, you were lucky enough to not deal with Tim McCarver. Lucky ducks.

The Phillies would eventually topple the Astros on their way to a World Series title, and a young Maury Povich would report on the win on KYW 3 back in Philly. I learned that little tidbit when I visited the traveling Hall of Fame exhibit at the Constitution Center; at the end of the exhibit, they had a television playing 1980 World Series news clips on a fantastically endless loop.

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Between the single-microphone setup and the disorganized analysis that he provided, it looks like Whitey just showed up unannounced in the middle of Harry's pregame segment.

There are really no words for how awesome this intro is.

Oh, wait, I figured some out: THIS INTRO IS AWESOME.

It's so much better with a real music bed. Brass and strings! I love it.

Personally, I think the white outlined logos really add to the broadcast appeal. That new Toyota truck looks HOT.

To give you a little insight as to how much Whitey hated doing the pre-game, HK once told a story about how one night after a game when he and Whitey were out to dinner, a prostitute came up to their table and said something along the lines of, "For the right price, I'll do anything you want."

So Richie Ashburn goes, "How much to do the pre-game tomorrow?"


Ah, 1980. Back when the Astrodome was cool.

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