No Hitters and Head Scratchers

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heisttag.jpgTo coincide with the good times/awkwardness of internet friends meeting in real life, the baseball world decided to lose its damn mind yesterday. The full scores are here, the nitty gritty of actual heists involving actual loot is below.

Firstly, the Royals completed their exhaustive search for another replacement level infielder that hates getting on base. Royals Review nicely compiles the oodles of scorn heaped upon this trade. Much of the hatred focuses on the simple fact that the Royals acquired Yuniesky Betancourt &mdash that the price tag was greater than a bag of balls seems secondary.

Mets Gm Omar Minaya clearly prescribes to the "change of scenary will do him some good" scenario as it relates to his latest acquisition Jeff Francouer. You never know, right? Perhaps the lighting at Citifield is such that it will finally allow Frenchy to discern between a ball and a strike. Ryan Church going the other way could help the Braves for a little while. Church's history of concussion problems could haunt the Braves if Chipper gets his way and the team enacts "Friday Clubhouse Compound Bow Day."

The biggest story from Friday was of course Jonathon Sanchez and his near perfect game/full-on no hitter. Luckily for Sanchez, history won't recall the overwhelming ineptitude of the Padres offense. That they were no hit for 6 innings the day before will fade from memory &mdash just as ironic replacement Juan Uribe's error that stole the perfection from under Sanchez's nose. That his father was in attendance made for excellent TV but the real story is how poorly the Giants lefty has pitched in 2009. Recently bounced from the starting rotation, Sanchez came in with a 1.50 WHIP and a walks per 9 rate over 5. He put it all together for a wonderful night, aided of course by Aaron Rowand's wallbanging ability. Congrats Jonathon, hopefully you've bought yourself at least two more starts.

Heist tag courtesy of Dan Cumming Dot Uk.

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Congrats Jonathon, hopefully you've bought yourself at least two more starts.
And some strychnine for Uribe.

I hope you enjoyed the game last night Phillas, the crowd was awesome.

I enjoyed (was guilted into) spending dinner/play time with my 4-year-old goddaughter instead of watching baseball.

Frenchy was going to be nontendered in the offseason. Heyward will be the RF next year, so they get a 60 point obp bump for the rest of the year.

I'm surprised that they got an actual starter for Frenchy.

Lots of folks in Atlanta are screaming about him going to the rival and what if he regains his stroke. Well he hasn't gotten it back in 2 years. And hey if the most we oils get for him was from a rival so be it.

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