Omar Minaya Makes Me Sympathize With A Beat Writer

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Being a Yankees fan, I confess I don't know much about the New York area beat writers that are stuck following the Mets. Granted, this ragged second-class group of reporters don't get to celebrate mystique and aura but they sure do get far more interesting scoops than their Yankee counterparts. With a team that gives you all the sturm und drang surrounding manager firings and September collapses and Gary Sheffield, being a Mets beat writer must be like selling fajitas outside a Jersey Shore bar at 2AM: you'd have to be an absolute idiot to not cash in.

So when Adam Rubin got the big Tony Bernazard-tearing-off-his-shirt scoop last week, it was his big chance to make a name for himself after six years of covering the team. I bet he had no idea it would come in this hilariously embarrassing manner, courtesy of bedraggled G.M. Omar Minaya.

During yesterday's presser where Minaya fired Bernazard, Omar decided to throw Rubin under the bus for getting that juicy scoop. He accused Rubin of having ulterior motives. Sez Omar:

And I say this because coming from Adam Rubin, okay, and Adam, you gotta understand this, Adam, for the past couple of years, has lobby for a player development position. He has lobby myself, he has lobby Tony. So when these things came out I was kind of a little bit, I had to think about it.

Here's a transcript of the rest of the presser, the juicy part, courtesy of Tommy Craggs at Deadspin:

Adam Rubin: Is what you're alleging that I tried to tear Tony down so I could take his job? Is that what you're saying?

Omar Minaya: No, no, I'm not saying that. All I'm saying was, that I know that when you wrote the reports, but I am saying, that in the past, you have, have lobby for a player, for a for a job...

Adam Rubin: If I were interested in working in player development somewhere in the major leagues at some point in my life, how did that impact this situation at all?

Omar Minaya: I said, because, when the reports came out a lot of these things were cross... I said "Who's writing these reports?" and I said well okay who's writing the reports and in the back of my mind, Adam, you have told me you have told other people in the front office that you want to work for player development in the front office.

Adam Rubin: So what you're alleging is that.. the only conclusion I can draw from that is that you're trying to allege that I tried to tear everyone down so that I could take their position. Is that what you're saying?

Omar Minaya: Adam...

Adam Rubin: It seems pretty despicable to say that.

Regardless of what motives Adam had in asking questions like that, Minaya was way out of line in calling him out in that manner. Beat writers should never be off-limits from criticism but such ridiculous, off-topic accusations like these deserve an apology (and Omar did indeed apologize during his second presser of the day). I salute the Mets TV network SNY for not pulling any punches; the broadcast trio of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling discussed the press conference during the game last night and called out Omar for his odd behavior.

What happens now? Can Rubin continue to cover a team knowing that the dude in charge has it out for him? Can Omar continue in his role as G.M. with the rest of the world knowing that he resorts to petty name-calling? Will the Mets do the smart thing and disband the entire franchise and send Johan Santana across town to pitch for the Yankees?

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Don't forget, Adam Rubin also had his emails posted by Anna benson. They're still archived on her site; she edited them a bit before posting them.

From: "Boobin, Adam"
Sent: Sunday, December 04, 2005 12:19 PM
Subject: trade?


Hi. This is Adam Boobin, the Mets writer at the Daily Boob. We've spoken a few times. [...]

- Adam

I admit to not following all the Mets beat reporters all that closely, but Adam Rubin is who I check when I want to read Mets news. I think he's top-notch, one of the best beat guys. And he's always seemed an old-school by-the-book reporter, too.

(Disclosure: He's another DPOSTM guy writing baseball, along with Ken Rosenthal, Jesse Spector, me, others I'm forgetting. Buzz Bissinger? I dunno if he wrote sports for the paper. And I don't count unless you need sabermetric analysis of the Air Bud movies.)

- Dan McQuack

Minaya must have pictures of the Wilpons in compromising positions with farm animals. It's the only explanation why he still has a job.

The 2009 New York Mets: Where (The Wrong Kind of) Amazing Happens.

Total bush league move by Omar. My favorite reaction was from Michael Kay who said he openly lobbied (that's what we call past tense, Omar) for the Yanks broadcast job while covering them as a writer. "If someone had called me out like that I would have rushed the podium".

Nice diversion tactic Omar.
Worked out well.

Hey fans! If someone had called me out like that I would have rushed the podium. Who but!

Sterling's call if Kay had rushed the podium and punched Cashman:

Hey-oh, that's a Kay-o!

Hey fans! The GM threw me under the bus?! Heeee's ooouuut! SSSSSSSSSEEE YYYAAA!

If anyone has any advice for a semi-serious baseball blogger looking to get into player development, lemme know.

the fake Michael Kay twitter is awesome. heeeeeeeeeeeeeee's ouuuuuuuuuuut!!!

I am trying my hardest to find out who is behind the fake Michael Kay Twitter. I feel like I'm the only person in the blogosphere who doesn't know.

@Rob, who ever it is I would like to buy them a Who But coffee.


/rends garments
/gnashes teeth
/tears out hair in clumps
/devours dirt
/consumes entire pig

I particularly enjoyed when Fake Michael Kay admitted to Rob that he didn't know who Christopher Walken was.

As for Minaya, he's toastbread. I don't see how he lasts the week.

Is Dallas Green still alive?

I hear Steve Phillips is available.

The Mets should trade Minaya to Houston and get Ed Wade as their new GM.

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