Roberto Clemente Takes Batting Practice - 1972

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In November of 1972, Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Roberto Clemente managed the Puerto Rican team in the Amateur World Baseball Championship in Leon, Nicaragua. Hans Norbert Jaeger, a player for the German team, took this footage of Clemente stepping in to take some batting practice, perhaps to keep himself in shape or perhaps to educate the youngsters under his tutelage.

Three weeks after the championship, Clemente was in Puerto Rico when he heard of a devastating earthquake that hit Nicaragua. He organized relief efforts including food and medicine, but concerned that the supplies were not reaching the neediest folks, he got on a plane to deliver them himself.

Clemente died when the plane crashed into the ocean, but his name lives on at Roberto Clemente Field in Mannheim, Germany, built in 1975 and named in honor of a heroic player that Hans Norbert Jaeger and his teammates were in awe of during their trip to Nicaragua.

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