Safeco Field Can Haz Groups Odder Than Walkoff Walk Fans

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I got a (pre-recorded) phone call from the Phillies last night to thank me for bringing a group of awesome folks to the park and presumably to thank us for not murdering anyone in the parking lot. You're welcome, Phillies! Still, our little group of Lobster Baby fans can't hold a candle to this group:

Yes, that's a video from Cheezburger Night With Seattle Mariners where Northwest fans of LOLCats got together to watch a game at Safeco Field and presumably to shout out grammatically incorrect things in the Impact font. Bizarre!

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Dayton Moore: "I can haz Unee Esky Bet And Cort?"

Pittsburgh Pirates fan: "Oh noes, they be stealin mah outfielders!"

Losin' ur vurginity: Ur doin it wrong.

Washington Nationals fan: INVISIBLE HOPE

Omar Minaya: "Adam Rubin's in mah base killin' mah d00ds!"


i'm not sure if i'm disappointed of relieved that none of the Heist was captured in video format.

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